Fantasy baseball cornerback for the remainder of the season


We’re working with the Shuffle Up fantasy baseball series, Seasonal Edition. What you see below is how I would arrange the corner catchers (first base, third base) if I were entering a new draft today. Use it to rate your team, Consider pickups and dropsTrade Class Offers – It’s up to you.

My salary is unscientific in nature and is intended primarily to show how I rank players and, more specifically, where the talent pools are. Your menu will look different, of course. That’s why we have a game.

I have not priced anyone into the injured list. I am not a physician, and the level of optimism about injury is highly variable from fantasy manager to fantasy manager.

last week, We mixed the masks. Other positions will follow in subsequent weeks. Let’s dig in.

The big tickets

$38 Freddie Freeman

$35 Paul Goldschmidt

$32 for Vladimir Guerrero Jr

$32 Jose Ramirez

$32 Austin Riley

$31 Rafael Devers

$29 Alonso House

$29 Bobby Witt Jr

Has anyone ever regretted Freeman’s list? Over the past eight seasons, he’s never hit below .295, never had an OBP below .379 (where it is now), and never dropped under .500. The fact that he steals bases so quietly (13 last year, 6 this year) is just a bonus; Any smart player can steal double digits every year if they want to, and Freeman is clearly a smart player. He remembers Those old discussions in early 2010 Where was Freeman O Eric Hosmer, Make a selection? Those chats were adorable. . .

I wasn’t sure I wanted to chase Goldschmidt on the heels of an MVP season that wasn’t fully supported by the expected stat metrics. So much for the new math. Goldie’s average and OBP are nearly identical to last year’s, and his slowdown is slightly weaker. It’s not his fault that the Cardinals have a losing record. And you want to talk about smart base players, Goldschmidt is 25-for-25 in steals over the past four years. He’s on his way to the Hall of Fame, aging gracefully into his 35-year-old season. . .

It might have been foolish to recruit Witt in the first round, when she could have Randy Arosarinadrop it doppelgänger – or forever underestimated Marcus Semin Two rounds later. But Witt’s class juice makes up for that ugly mediocrity, and even when we note OBP, we also accept that it’s not a standard five-class. the The batting ball measures Witt’s corner256 average and . 484 eclipsed what he’s done so far, and he’s the fastest player in the game today. Even if the spring chasers had outgrown their skis, it wasn’t much.

legitimate building blocks

$26 Nolan Arenado

$25 Matt Olson

$23 Manny Machado

$22 Alex Bergman

$19 Anthony Rizzo

$18 Yandy Diaz

$16 Max Muncie

$15 Matt Chapman

$14 Christian Walker

$14 Ryan Mountcastle

$14 Vinny Pasquantino

Arenado kicked off its season with a three-man weekend at Boston, then backs it up with another homer on Monday. Unfortunately, Savant page He points out that at the moment his regular slash is what he’s worth, but Arenado is still only 32 and on a similar HOF course as Goldschmidt; This is a player you have to be patient with. . . Bregman seems like a low buy, maintaining elite plate discipline while being somewhat unlucky on batted balls, even if his . 25 expected average and . 429 aren’t worth the show. Bregman also called out Mondays, and Astros The lineup he sorely missed Jose Altuve Coming back soon. . .

Diaz wasn’t an automatic player when the season opened, however He’s started 31 of 33 games over the past five weekspaused above rays Lined up. Diaz has a BB/K ratio roughly at 1—anyone can tell he’s a good hitter—and actually hit home runs last year. This is what a breakout season looks like, and Tampa Bay has given him the leash he’s been given.

Talk to them, talk to them

$13 Nathaniel Lowe

$12 Josh Jung

$12 Ty France

$12 Louis Aries

$12 Alec Boom

$11 Patrick wise

$11 Naughty Tellez

11 JD Davis

$11 Ezequiel Duran

$11 Christopher Morell

$11 Joy Meneses

$10, Lamonty Wade

$10 Eugenio Suarez

Wade would be a teen if he ever had a full-time gig, but at least we know when he’s going to play — what time the Giants face a proper start. Wade’s .943 OPS against right makes him DFS catnip when the match is lined up. . . Morrell threw his punch at the minors and moved to Chicago. And note, he’s played five different positions since making up with the Cubs last year; the Nico Horner Injury is why Morrell plays now, but Morrell has many more tracks in this lineup. The only caveat during opening week – no walk, 10 strikes on 26 plates. . . Turner may not quite keep that average while navigating 29 strikeouts against two walks, however He was always hitting the minors (.488 slugging) Texas is surprisingly the destination offense so far, only behind Tampa Bay in runs scored.

Some reasonable climbs

$9 DJ Limahieu

$9 Nick Snezel

$9 Taylor Walls

$8 Harold Ramirez

$8 Andrew Vaughn

$7 Geraldo Perdomo

$7 Isaac Paredes

$7 Jake Cronworth

$7 Alex Kirillov

$6 Justin Turner

$6 Miguel Vargas

$6 Spencer Steer

$5 Chris Taylor

$5 Brandon Drury

$5 Jake Burger

$5 Ryan McMahon

$5 Geo Orchila

$5 Joey Gallo

$5 Will Myers

$5 Brett Patti

$5 Yun Moncada

I initially had Walls at the top level but we have to accept that playing time is hard – he plays about 75 percent of the time, and that’s a drain in mixed leagues (same narrative goes for Paredes). In addition, it is a file rays — it’s not like there’s always a rhyme or reason Walls isn’t in the lineup (well, if there was, I’d miss it; Jason Collett probably knows). On the plus side, Walls offers three positions for eligibility and a juice from the tasty category (seven homers, seven steals). . . More pop from Senzel would have been nice, though, and his 0.276 average and 0.35 OBP not only deserves its spot on the list, but warrants a lineup upgrade. Senzel turns 28 in late June; It’s still early enough in the profession to dream of a post-hype year. . . Give Kirillov a healthy season, leave him alone, and you’ll get 20-25 hovers. This is my story and I stick to it.


$4 Connor Joe

$4 Josh Rojas

$4 John Bertie

$4 Ha Seung Kim

$4 Brian Anderson

$4 Gunnar Henderson

$4 Casey Schmidt

$3 Josh Naylor

$3 ki Brian Hayes

$3 Luke Raleigh

$3 Trey Mancini

$3 Brendan Donovan

$3 Brandon belt

$3 Matt Mervis

$2 Carlos Santana

$2 Wilmer Flores

$2 Zack McKinstry

$2 Nick Prato

$2 Rodolfo Castro

$2 Bavin Smith

$2 Triston Casas

$2 Spencer Turkelson

$2 Louis Rengifo

$2 Jose Miranda

$2 Jean Segura

$1 Dominic Smith

$1 Owen Miller

$1 Jess Peterson

$1 Jim Candelario

Gavin Papers $1

$1 Jarrett Cooper

$1 Mike Mostafa

Players in IL – are not eligible to rank

$0 Anthony Rendon

$0 CJ kronor

0 dollars Ramón Urías

$0 Christian Arroyo

0 dollars Seth Brown

$0 Josh Donaldson


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