Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings: RB

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dolphin cook Landing searches in Philadelphia, Nick Chubb Animate a plus match in planes, and Nagy Harris Meditate on a fictional redemption against the Patriots.

Other positions: quarterback | receiver | Court End / kickers / defense

Updated 9/18 at 1:15AM ET. Removal Alvin Camara. he moved Mark Ingram above.

Week 2 Running Back

RB notes: Jonathan Taylor He rushed for the fifth yards of his career in Week 1. Even with a whopping 50 yards Matt Ryan Passing attempts in a tie, Colts Taylor’s commitment remained as evident as ever. …the song is still the same Christian McCaffrey, including being a bad team. This does not matter because the Panthers seem to have no desire to change the use of the CMC at every moment. … Austin Eckler Played only 49 percent of chargersStabilizes in Week 1…and catches the ball 18 times. He’s a possible coach Brandon Staley He already had one eye on Thursday night. While the chargers understandably like to lighten the Ekeler’s burden, the high-value touches needed aren’t going anywhere. … I will be Barclay‘s Brian Double It debuted 24 total touches, hoped-for big plays, anticipated receptions and required red zone action (five handles within 20). Aggressive movement in the ranks was the only defensible measure. … Kevin O’Connell know what to do with it dolphin cook In the first week, he carried him on the field for 77 percent of the shots and swept him 23 touches. With over/under 50.5 in football on Monday night, Cook’s Week 2 results should match O’Connell’s process.

Dontrell Hilliard He got the glory with his variable speed knobs, but the Giants made it clear in the first week that they wouldn’t change Derek Henry Approaching. Week 2 Concern The game’s streaming is likely to be terrible for the bills. Vegas has the Titans associated as 10-point shock dogs. Different teams, yes, but the Giants got the bills a year ago. … even with Jamal Williamseagle jobs, Dandrey Swift175 yards into the melee against the Eagles was a new career high of 26. The leaders’ surprisingly strong attack in the first week feels like another good environment for Swift. He said his “injury” to his ankle was not a problem. … get out of the opener 34 touch, Joe Mixon Sits beautiful with a favorite Bengals touchdown-plus versus worn-out Cowboys. … not even Jacobi BrissetThe slow pace of molasses play may hinder Nick Chubb In the first week. Kevin Stefanski He’s probably the best runner in football and knows what to do with him. Cleveland is the home favorite with a 6.5-point lead over the usual Jets. … Leonard Fortnite He straightened his hamstrings near the end of a dominant Sunday night performance in Dallas. Soft tissue issues have been a growing concern for the 27-year-old, while he must now contend with the Saints’ strong running defense.

I honestly thought Alvin CamaraThe use of the first contacted week was fine. We know it didn’t stand up to the tough workloads of the past year. As for his lack of goals in Atlanta, the quarterback is hard to check when she trails 16-7 and 26-10 after the break. Kamara’s biggest fear in Week Two is the Bucks’ elite defensive front. … Nagy Harris He prepares to play through his foot case. Effective way? This is a different story. It was only one game, but this offense looked like one of the worst game in the league against the Bengals. …we needed something, anything to separate it Jafonte Williams And the Melvin Gordon In the first week, it was hoped Williams would outperform his veteran teammate 12-2. It’s not just about the goals, but the game scenario in which they were received. With everything on the line, Williams was not only in the competition but was a focal point for the new quarterback. We have to be careful not to over-interpret one match, but what it was. … A.J. Dillon swept Aaron Jones In each important 1 week statistic, including the use of the red zone. This may be an overreaction. It is also a continuation of a trend, As Hayden Winks points out. I had to change the order.

Dig deeper in Antonio Gibson data As did Pro Football Focus team Nathan Jank, And find the leaders JD Mikic The commitment was still fairly strong, especially in the third and long stage and in the acceleration. The first week was perhaps Gibson’s best game of the season. The problem/good news is that lions are a great place to chase points. …were CEH’s first week numbers on a blast? It’s possible. His workload would have been greater if the game had been more competitive. High-value touches should be on the way for a possible Thursday night shoot with the Chargers. …not sure what mind games are Sean McVeigh playing with it Cam Akersbut I know that we have to admit immediate defeat and install Daryl Henderson Ranking winner until further notice. The Hawks are an additional bounce-back spot for all participants. … no way 25 touch was Cordaryl Patterson plan. Also there is no way to repeat against rams even if Damian Williams (ribs) sitting. Williams was absent from Wednesday’s training. If he can’t go, tyler lime/ Avery Williams will get up and take some of the less forgiving touches off the C-Bat board. … James Robinson control Travis Etienne In the first week, an early landing, especially after Etienne flopped. Etienne wasn’t quite off, but that seems like a situation where we’d like to collect more data.

JK Dobbins (The knee) is on its way to making its debut in 2022. Treat him like a low-floor flex as he proves his worth. … with Ken Walker (Hernia) is about to debut in the NFL, Rashad Bini It gets relegated to the trash after the disappointing workload of the first week. … Jeff Wilson He is a born role player. use your hopes If you are expecting an RB2 from wire waiver. Wilson is a FLEX with an unpredictable workload. Jordan Maysoon And the Tyrion Davis-Price Both can be mixed. As expected elsewhere, it is possible that TDP is inactive for only 1 week because it does not play special teams. … I didn’t find much to call home Josh JacobsUse the first week. He earned 11 touches in a competitive competition. It could be said that it was very competitive. With the Raiders winning 5.5 points at home against the alarmingly bad Cardinals in Week 1, Jacobs gets a little suspicious. …the back of The Patriots’ Week 1 was one of the true disasters for the imagination. instead of giving ramundre stevenson Give Bates an increased opportunity to make plays T Montgomery The third job. Now Te Montt is in injured reserve and Stevenson gets another shot. Stevenson is still on probation, but I think he has ways to help the directors of Fantasy more than that Damian Harris. …Words are words but the Texas coach Luffy Smith mea culpa’d as hard as it can be Damon PierceNot working the first week. Give your impressive starter another week.

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