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City access map It is an interactive map that anyone can use to find and explore walkability in cities around the world. Specifically, the city access map allows you to explore cities where residents can reach the required services within a fifteen minute walk. The city access map calls these cities 15 minutes city.

You can explore City access map Browse through a list of cities or simply by panning and zooming and clicking on an interactive globe. Once you choose a city to look at in more detail, you can adjust the view based on the filters you select. These filters are things like schools, hospitals, libraries, parks, and public transportation hubs.

Watch this brief video For an overview of City access map.

Education apps
As I explained in the video above, to be included in City access map The city needs at least 500,000 people. This leaves a lot of small towns and cities off the map. This inspired me to consider having students use tools like Google Maps and Bing Maps to rate where they live to determine how many services they have within a fifteen minute walk and how “walkable” their communities are in general.

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