First Nuclear Powered Data Center 1200 Acres to Host BTC Mining by CoinEdition


© Reuters. The first nuclear powered data center with an area of ​​1,200 acres to host BTC mining
  • Cumulus Data has completed construction of the first nuclear-powered data center in Susquehanna.
  • The campus will support mining and cloud computing services.
  • The data center supports ESG’s strong zero-carbon client benefits as well as scalability, flexibility, and time-to-market advantages

Talen Energy company Cumulus Data reports that its first-of-its-kind nuclear-powered data center located in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, is finally complete and ready to provide cloud computing services.

The company announced that significant construction milestones have been reached for the first phase of Susquehanna’s flagship 475-megawatt carbon-neutral data center. The first data center has a 48-megawatt, 300,000-square-foot electrical envelope completed, available for lease, and has multiple fiber lanes in operation.

The data center will facilitate bitcoin mining and cloud computing services by collaborating with US-based bitcoin mining company TeraWulf. To build Nautilus Cryptomine on campus, Talen announced a partnership with TeraWulf in 2021. TeraWulf recently shared an update, noting…

The world’s first 1,200-acre nuclear-powered data center to host BTC Mining debuts in Coin Edition.

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