Fog Works releases Foggie Max, the world’s first personal Web3 server

Fog worksInc., a Web3 software company focused on developing solutions on the Datamall Chain, today announced Foggie Max, the world’s first personal Web3 server. Foggie Max is a consumer device that uses cutting-edge Web3 technology to deliver tangible benefits to consumers every day, and promises to be an essential tool on Web3. The Foggie Max can be purchased at a launch discount via the Indiegogo crowdfunding site for the next 30 days here.

Online consumers are overly dependent on Big Tech, leaving them vulnerable to service outages, price hikes, changes to terms and conditions, and occasional censorship. In addition, Big Tech collects massive amounts of data from consumers, resulting in massive data breaches, privacy breaches, and billions in oligopolistic profits.

This all started to change with Foggie Max, the world’s first personal Web3 server.

“Today marks a new beginning of a new era,” said Xinglu Lin, CEO of Fog Works. “Fuji Maxx is the first consumer device that truly puts the power of decentralization and Web3 in the hands of consumers every day, so they can begin to free themselves from the clutches of Big Tech. It all starts now.”

Foggie Max transfers the power from Big Tech to individual consumers in multiple ways.

Access to ultra-private dApps

Foggie Max owners will be able to purchase and download decentralized applications – or dApps – to Foggie Max, just as users might download apps from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Once downloaded, these decentralized applications belong to the user forever – they can never be deactivated or stopped remotely. These dApps will also not have any monthly fees associated with them.

Any data generated by these dApps will Just They are stored in the user’s Foggie Max, which greatly enhances user privacy.

Fog Works will develop some basic decentralized applications and encourage the development of third party dApps. The dApps already under consideration is the dApp that supports all of your smartphone’s photos; own search engine; private email server; blog server; club rooms with membership-only content; electronic patient records; monitor health and activity at home; video broadcasting; and Digital Wills.

Over time, these dApps will reduce consumer over-reliance on Big Tech and enable consumers to become arbiters of their own data.

The ability to sell and invest personal digital assets

Every file stored in Foggie Max will have a permanent URL registered on the blockchain. Users can manage access controls for each file: 100% public, 100% private, or semi-private by granting specific decentralized identifiers (DIDs) access. Users will also be permanently registered as the creators of each unique file stored in Foggie Max, mitigating digital piracy/misattribution.

Foggie Max owners can sleep peacefully, knowing their public content will be downloaded quickly across both Web2 and Web3 browsers. Moreover, Foggie Network will automatically cache popular public content, improving download speed and availability of public content.

Foggie Max owners can make NFT products in bulk without code From any type of file – image, collage, audio, video, or even raw text data like browsing history. They can then sell their digital assets in a fully decentralized market – to accumulate likes and tips, or sell their digital assets outright – with Foggie Max backing their presence in the decentralized market.

The ability to monetize personal devices

Each Foggie Max ships with a 1 to 4 TB solid state drive or SSD. Foggie Max can automatically share idle storage with the Foggie network, allowing its owner to earn crypto rewards for honoring data storage deals. All of these deals are automatically generated on the Datamall Chain, a blockchain focused on creating an efficient marketplace for decentralized storage.

In addition, each Foggie Max has two USB 3.0 ports. Users with additional USB drives can connect those drives to the Foggie Max, share the extra storage space with the Foggie Network, and earn crypto rewards.

Data storage that is disaster-proof, private, secure, and market-driven

Users can store private data on the Foggie Max, and can make off-site backups to the Foggie network to make their data disaster-proof. These offsite backups are:

  • Completely secure: Foggie’s private backups are always fully encrypted. Only the original owner who has the encryption key can decrypt the files.
  • 100% Private: Offsite backup deals are generated on the Datamall Chain, and the Datamall Chain is completely private. The owner of the data will not know which device(s) their data is in, and the owner of the device(s) will not know whose data is on their device.
  • Fair Price: No one at Big Tech Giant sets oligopolistic prices for these offsite data backups (and the price for the data out). The price of these offsite data stores is completely market dependent because the Datamall Chain is a fully decentralized marketplace that measures the fair market value of decentralized storage.

Foggie Max is the only consumer device on the market that gives owners unprecedented access to dApps, the ability to monetize their data and devices and help them protect their data. Foggie Max achieves this by leveraging both the Datamall Chain (shown above) and CYFS, a next-generation Web3 protocol that enables complete decentralization of applications, completely replacing HTTP, TCP/IP, and DNS.

About Fog Works

Fog Works, formerly W3 Storage Lab, is a Web3 software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with operations worldwide. Its mission is to harness the power of Web3 to help people manage, protect, and control their data. Fog Works is led by an executive team with a very unique blend of P2P networking experience, blockchain expertise and entrepreneurship. It is funded by Draper Dragon Fund, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Lingfeng Capital and other investors. For more information visit

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