Football Faces: Australia – Message to the National Team


Dear Australian Team,

Here we go, the 2022 World Cup is just around the corner and once again Australian football will take its rightful place at football’s most exclusive table.

Against all odds, Australia has managed to capitalize Australian DNA, evoking the Never Say Never attitude and playing in a way that would make both the late Johnny Warren and Les Murray proud, to qualify for this year’s event. Personally, I cannot wait to begin our campaign against France on the 22nd of November.

I’ve been very honored to witness so many special moments for this team in our recent history.

I was there when Josh Kennedy rose over the Iraq defense in the 83rd minute to head home the ball, sending Australia into Brazil in 2014. I was there when Massimo Luongo and James Troisi were past South Korea for Australia. To win the Asian Cup at home. I was there for Mile Jedinak’s main presentation against Honduras in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Continental Qualifier in Sydney.

And most recently, I was there in Qatar, with you, when we beat the UAE and Peru to qualify for their fifth consecutive FIFA Men’s World Cup. Australian football has a rich and proud history and your performance throughout June in Qatar has undoubtedly added another chapter to our ever-evolving story. They will be remembered as the latest group of footballers to inspire a nation to believe that Australia deserved to be recognized among the footballing elite.

Moments after Australia beat Peru on penalties following Andrew Redmayne’s goalkeeping brilliance, my mind immediately turned to how I was going to support Australia during the World Cup. And then it dawned on me, I needed to be back in Qatar in five months for the first ever men’s World Cup.

Fast forward to November 2022, final preparations are under way, and I’ll be on a plane from Sydney with hundreds of other Socceroos fans to support the team in their quest for World Cup glory very soon.

Football has the power to unite the world, and the Saudi national team has the power to unite our nation once again. Built on the foundations of respect, multiculturalism, equality and fairness, Soccerros and Matildas embody all the characteristics that made me fall in love with football.

Now is the time for the world to see what Australian football stands for. I have no doubt that regardless of the results, you, the Australian national team, will be extremely proud of Australian football in Qatar. So stay tuned for me, that crazy fan in the stands who played ballistic in Qatar when Ajden Hrucek hit a home run late in the knockout qualifier against the UAE to secure a play-off against Peru, where I’ll be at the South Stadium for both. Our group stage matches are cheering the boys on every step of the way!

As a proud and proud Australian fan, I would like to wish the team all the best in their pursuit of World Cup glory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

best wishes,



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