Football faces – World Cup 2022

32 fans, 32 stories, one World Cup.

Each country that qualifies for the FIFA World Cup™ creates lifelong memories for its fans during the tournament.

It doesn’t matter if they’re knocked out at the group stage, make it to the knockout stages, or even lift the trophy high after winning the final, every fan is given memories and stories that they can – and will – carry on for years to come.

in 90 minutesnew series soccer faces The stories and memories created by all 32 countries of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be documented.

With the help of GoalClick, 90 minutes She brought together a group of 32 football fanatics – one representing each country – to tell stories about how they support their countries, why they support their countries, and what their country’s qualification means to them.

To tell fan stories, each of the 32 fans wrote a letter to their national team, detailing their lives as fans and how the national team shaped them – sometimes offering some clever tactical advice to their national team managers or offering some words of motivation to the players.

From the man designing flags for an Argentinian tifo, to a Japanese fan who will be in Qatar dressed as Maya Yoshida, to an American couple who have racked up 257 USMNT games in 18 different countries over the past 20 years, the 32 eclectic faces of the soccer team tell diverse tales of their fanbase on Years passed.

here 32 soccer faces Who will be representing this winter:

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