Founder of Ultra Music releases NFT Passes for new EDM label, Helix Records

  • Patrick Moxey, founder of Ultra Music, is launching an NFT collection under his new record label.
  • The NFT pool sold out hours after launch.

Patrick Moxey is looking to revolutionize the music world with his new label, Helix Records. Split from his brainchild, legendary music industry veteran Ultra Music is excited to embrace web3 in his new venture.

Moxey has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Coldplay, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and more. The producer aims to build on his track record of success and launch his Web 3-enabled music label with his creator-focused NFT suite, the Helix Records Genesis Pass.

Made for artists

On March 10, 2023, Helix Records released their Genesis Pass NFT collection open c. The NFT pool recorded a supply of 3,333, starting from the lowest price of 0.03 ETH or roughly $42. At the time of publication, the Helix Records Genesis Pass set has been sold, raising about $150,000.

The Genesis Pass will enable holders to become an integral part of the record label and access many benefits, including the chance to work with Patrick Moxey and his team.

Here is a quick list of the facilities offered:

  • Free tickets and VIP passes to shows by Helix Records artists.
  • NFT holders can submit their music to Helix Records’ A&R team on a private Discord channel to get professional feedback.
  • Collectors with musical experience can book a slot and work in one of Helix Records’ professional studios.
  • The lucky winner could get the chance to meet Patrick Moxey in person and gain insights from a veteran in the field.
  • Select holders can appear in the music videos of their favorite Helix Records artists.
  • Free NFT of Helix Records Original Track, Move Your Body, by Marshall Jeffers.
  • Win a limited edition physical vinyl for every new Helix Artist NFT drop.
  • Access to special merchandise from Helix Records and Payday Records.

on the flip side

  • EDM superstar DeadMau5, who has worked with Patrick Moxey, also has a similar web 3 music platform focused on creators called pixellinks.

Why should you bother

Traditional record companies are notorious for unfair payouts and an abundance of middlemen. With web3 in the equation, the whole process becomes decentralized and allows for fairer payments to the artist and improved relationships with the creator. Patrick Moxey’s vast experience can play a key role in laying the groundwork for web3 music labels.

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