Green striped shirt

This winter, I’ve been loving all the green striped shirts I’ve seen around town. They look great with jeans, and they’re an easy way to get in on the very big green trend right now. Here are five versions: cottonAnd wide barAnd relaxationAnd organicAnd Football.

le bon shoppe socks

stockings At the top of my birthday wish list, so This shorthand address Made me laugh out loud.

Finally, baker Lucie Franc de Ferriere has just opened East Village StoreWhere all her cakes are covered with roses. How this beautiful? Feeling inspired to try decorating baked goods with flowers (and so on the animals And Picturescertainly).

New York Times bestselling memoir Dirtbag, Massachusetts It appeared last summer with great fanfare—winner of the New England Book Award for Nonfiction, a Time Magazine must-read—but for some reason I didn’t get to it until this month. Wow, Isaac Fitzgerald’s steady, in-depth story moves at breakneck speed from his upbringing in a rough rural town, where his friends start their own fight club, to bartending in San Francisco as he battles drugs and body dysmorphia. I was hooked on the opening line: “My parents were married when they had me, just to different people.”

Note More fun stuffAnd Best movie I’ve seen in ages.

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