Freddy Freeman is on track for a batting title; Dodgers wins to snatch first round bye

Dodgers bats Freddy Freeman during a game against the San Diego Padres on September 3, 2022.

Freddy Freeman of the Dodgers, pictured on September 3, is on track for his first batting title. He has achieved 329-best NL. “If you go to a stadium, what numbers do they put on the scoreboard?” He said. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/The Associated Press)

Old-fashioned average swiping in the current analytics-driven game, a statistic effect replaced by a base percentage, a higher deceleration and gain percentage of replacement as more accurate measures of attack, and no title swiping weighted once done.

“This is useful for me” Dodgers first man base Freddy Freeman I replied before Monday night 5-2 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks In front of a crowd of 44,854 in Raven Chavez.

“I know people don’t put the same amount of arrows in middle runs and RBIs, but if you go out on the field, what numbers do they put on the scoreboard? It’s average hitting, home runs and RBIs. If they don’t really care, take them out. from the board.”

Freeman’s defense of the batting average may be somewhat subjective. The most expensive 2020 National League player and 2021 world champion with the Atlanta Braves in position to win the first batting title of his 13-year career, his main league leader was 329th with an average of seven points better than the arrogant St. Louis Cardinals. Paul Goldschmidt (322.) in NL.

Freeman has achieved 0.300 or better in the previous six times but has never won the Premier League batting title and the Tony Gwen Cup that comes with it. He finished second with a score of .341 for Washington Juan Soto (.351) in 2020.

“You obviously don’t go into any season and say that’s my goal,” Freeman said. “Scoring 100 points, driving in 100 points and hitting .300 are usually the goals for me.”

Check, check and about to check. Freeman, who made 0.382 with 1.114 on a plus lag basis, four teammates, 13 RBIs and 14 runs in his first 15 games this month, has 106 runs and 94 RBI on the season.

Freeman also leads all major leagues with a batting average of 0.390 (55 vs. 141) with the runners in the scoring center.

“That’s how you get the points on the board,” Freeman said, in the first year of a six-year, $162 million deal. “I think they brought me here to lead the run, so I am very proud to hit the runners in the scoring position. When there are guys at the base, I want to get them to turn left.”

Freeman didn’t generate any of those turns left on Monday night – he went 0 for 3 with the walk – but his teammates produced enough of them.

Joey Gallo crushed Homer solo 437 feet into right field in the second half, and Chris Taylor Capped fourth of four runs with Homer of three runs to support brave monument Clayton Kershawwho gave up one run and six hits in six innings, hit 10 — including five in the third and fourth rows — and didn’t walk at all.

Dodgers' Joey Gallo celebrated with Gavin Lukes and manager Dave Roberts after scoring on his home turf by Chris Taylor.

Dodgers’ Joey Gallo, left, celebrates with Gavin Lux, center, and manager Dave Roberts after scoring a three-stroke home run at Chris Taylor in the fourth inning. (Allen J. Chapin/Los Angeles Times)

This was the 27th game of Kershaw’s career in which he scored 10 or more hits without a walk, and a break Randy Johnson Previous record of 26. He caused 19 swing strokes between 94 shots. He threw 11 hits in the first inning, 10 hits hits.

“He was great across the board,” Manager Dave Roberts He said about Kershaw’s outing. “I thought it was the first half that set the tone, just the way he attacked. I know he always does, but that first half was different. Overall, how he turned the hit zone, he was really methodical. … It was really fun to watch” .

The left-hander won a 12-floor duel with Christian Walkerwho spoiled six full pitches counting before he breathed a 72-mph curve in fourth.

“I don’t care if he hits the million mph warning lane – I just wanted to get out,” said Kershaw, who has improved to 9-3 with a 2.39 ERA this season. “It’s time to throw the curve ball. I’ve thrown speedballs and skaters all at the bat, and Will Smith[Smith[SmithDodgers catcher]Actually called Curveball Pitch by.

“I shook it and screwed up another slider, and I said, ‘Okay, it’s time. For me, the curve ball is always, ‘Can I throw it for the hit or not?’ Fortunately, I throw it for the hit.”

The fight was further evidence of Kershaw’s disdain for walking.

“You know he’s not going to give up,” Roberts said. “Christian and Clayton have a lot of history, so you have to find different ways to get him out. He messed up some tough pitches, and I don’t remember Clayton throwing a 3-2 cracker, but Pitch 12 finally said, ‘I’ll try something different.'” and punched him on a ball chipped. It was good to see.”

Dodgers player Clayton Kershaw follows up after making a bid on September 19, 2022.

Clayton Kershaw gave up one run in six rounds Monday night, to take the win in the Dodgers’ 5-2 win over the Diamondbacks. Hit 10 and walk nothing. (Allen J. Chapin/Los Angeles Times)

Kershaw has given up four winning runs and 14 hits in four games since returning from his last back injury, hitting 29 and running four times in 24 runs for a 1.50 ERA in this stretch.

“Health is there, performance is there, reinforcement is there,” Roberts famously said of Kershaw in the playoffs. “Getting ready, mindset, all those things you can count on, so we feel good now.”

Kershaw improved to 20-11 with a 2.70 ERA in 41 career starts against Arizona. Diamondbacks right hand Meryl Kelly He fell to 0-9 with a 5.97 ERA in 12 starts against the Dodgers.

Max Munsey Rally lit the fourth inning with a single doubling to the left. Gallo made a singles RBI to the middle 2-0, Lux singles to the right, and Taylor to the left to lead 5-0.

The Dodgers, Evan Phillips and Tommy Kannell, all succeeded in complete comfort with one stroke.

Craig Kimbrel He gives up one hitter and hits two hitters to load bases with no finishes on the ninth, but second hitter Lux saves the closest with a stunning backhand, and one jump for Sergio Alcantara to smash a single jump to start double play with the scoring run.

Lux turned into Shortstop Tria Turner For strength in the second base. Turner then cut the sprinter off to third.

“Just try to keep the ball in the court and try to get out of there,” Lux said. “That was the main thing. Keep the ball on the court to save a few runs. Double play is the best case scenario. If that happens, great. If it doesn’t, just try to keep it on the court and get out.”

Kimbrel who surrendered Three-stroke Homer To Alcantara Wednesday in Arizona, Daulton Varsho made his move to No. 1 as the Dodgers improved the league’s best record to 102-44.

With the win, the Dodgers snatched the first-round first leg of the playoffs, guaranteeing them one of the top seeds in the NL Division Series match that began October 11. The club’s magic number to grab the top seed in the NL is six.

The Dodgers spent last season battling dogs with the San Francisco Giants, who won 107 games to outpace the Dodgers’ 106 victories in the division.

The Dodgers were forced to win a wild card match against St. Losing the six-game NL Championship Series to the brave.

“Man, what a difference that makes a year,” Roberts said. “Not to make excuses, but I think so [2021] It affected us. This year, we are in a different position in terms of how we prepare ourselves.”

This story originally appeared Los Angeles Times.

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