Free tech for educators: The best of 2022 so far


Except for The webinar I will be hosting tomorrowI’ll take the rest of the week off. While I’m gone, I’ll be reposting some of the year’s most popular posts to date.

one of the absolute New favorite gadgets of 2021 The Chrome extension was called mote. With Mote installed, you can add voiceovers to Google Docs, Google Classroom, and Google Slides. You can also use Mote to add audio to Google Forms and insert audio into Google Slides with just one click. Mote also lets you record voice messages to share directly in Gmail or via QR codes. All these things are shown in This is Mote . compilation video which I collected together earlier this week.

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Like I’ve been saying since the first day I tried mote, The thing I love the most is the ability to give feedback to students with your own voice. There is comfort in hearing notes rather than just reading them which many students benefit from. This is especially true when notes are given to students who may find it difficult to understand your notes when they only read them instead of hearing them.


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