Free technology for educators: AI Writing Check

AI check writing It is a free tool created through the collaborative efforts of the nonprofit organizations and CommonLit. The AI ​​Writing Verifier is a tool created to help teachers attempt to recognize writing that has been created through the use of artificial intelligence.

to use AI check writing You simply have to copy a snippet of text of 100 words or more and paste it into the AI ​​typing check. The tool will then tell you whether or not the type was generated by the AI. Thats all about it.

AI typing checking is not foolproof and as indicated on the site, students can still develop ways to get around tools designed to detect AI generated writing. It’s also worth noting that it can handle no more than 400 words at a time.

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My two weeks ago This week’s practical education technology tip Learn about AI writing tools before your students use them to submit an essay. In that newsletter I explained and demonstrated two AI writing tools. The first was ChatGPT and the second was Canva’s Magic Write tool. In response to that newsletter, I received at least two dozen notes from teachers who were concerned about students using those tools to “cheat.” If this is one of your concerns about AI, you might want to take a look at it AI check writing.

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