Free technology for educators: physical phonics games

I have been a fan of the online learning game called Teach your beast to read for several years. The game is designed to help students improve speed and accuracy in recognizing letters and sounds. The game gets its name from the friendly monster avatars that the students use in the game. Teach your beast to read Also progress Three fun sonic games that can be played offline.

the Teach your monster to read physical phonics toys They are designed to help students increase the speed at which they recognize sounds and letters while at the same time getting them moving in the classroom, gym, or playground. Three audio games are currently available through the Teach Your Monster to Read website. In all three games, students use oversized flashcards that students must select and place in appropriate sequences.

in Pirates and sailors Students must match letter cards with objects whose name begins with the letter letter on their cards. In the Pass the sound The students of the game participate in a relay race to share the corresponding letter cards. And in Finding the voice of my family The students of the game have to find their classmates who have drawn the same letter card without showing what is written on their cards.

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play the Teach your beast to read Phonics games can be a fun way to review what your students have learned while playing phonics Online version of Teach Your Monster to Read.

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