Free Technology for Educators: Pi, Myths, and Daylight

Good morning from Maine where the sun is shining and we are all ready to go out and play in the snow. It would be a great day for skiing in late winter. Hope you do something fun too this weekend.

This week I hosted a webinar for a school and had a Zoom meeting with some people who have recently completed the course How to create and sell digital products. If you take the course, I’ll also be happy to zoom in with you. Speaking of courses, Approximately five video projects per semester It starts on Tuesday.

These were the most popular posts of the week:

1. Physical education activities for Pi day

2. A lesson in writing myths

3. Changes are made to your favorite Google Workspace tools

4. “But it’s still sunny outside!” – Short lessons in daylight savings time

5. Three activities all teachers can create in TeacherMade

6. Another tool for writing detection created by AI

7. 167 Mathematics in “real life” lessons

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Workshops and e-books

If you would like to have me speak at your school or conference, please send me an email at richardburn (at) or Fill out the form on this page. Book me for this school year and I will include copies of my e-book for all teachers at your school.

Animated captions

Making and teaching with animated explanations This is a five-part, self-learning course that teaches you how to create a variety of animations. Most importantly, it teaches you why creating animation is such a valuable and enjoyable class activity for students of all ages.

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