Free Technology for Educators: The World War II Rumor Project

A few years ago, the Library of Congress launched a crowdsourcing project called by people. The purpose of the project is to enlist the assistance of the public to copy the thousands of primary source documents in the Library of Congress that have been scanned by the Library of Congress. Over the years, there have been collections of documents from the American Civil War, papers from the American Revolution, presidential papers, documents about suffrage, and documents about the integration of Major League Baseball. Last by people The campaign is seeking assistance in transcribing a set of documents from The World War II Rumors Project implemented by the Office of War Information.

Anyone can participate in LOC’s Crowd Project to transcribe the documents in the WWII Rumors Project’s collection of notes and diaries. To get started, just go to the group and choose a document. Your chosen document will appear on the left side of the screen and a field for making copies will appear on the right side of the screen. After you have completed your transcription, it is submitted for peer review. A demonstration of the process is included in the video less.

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The by people The project is a good opportunity for high school students and some middle school students to learn about the role of information control in the United States during World War II while contributing to a national project. All groups in . format by people You have timesheets and some other resources that help provide context for documents that need to be copied.

Smithsonian has a similar crowdsourcing project called Smithsonian Digital Volunteers.

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