FTX Infection in Sports: Teams and Athletes Rush to Close FTX Deals

FTX Infection in Sports: Teams and Athletes Rush to Close FTX Deals

The spread of FTX contamination continues this month, as the former SBF CEO of FTX Corporation signed the papers for it Chapter 11 bankruptcy just a week ago. The collapsing cryptocurrency exchange and its disgraced founder have invested around $375 million in a long-term sports partnership. The athletes were also given ownership rights to the embattled project. distance A two-year spree of signing deals With the privileges of the world of sports and celebrities, most of them are now anxiously looking for the door.

1) Miami Heat

The NBA franchise has announced a 19-year deal with cryptocurrency exchange FTX to acquire the name rights to The Heat’s home venue in April 2021 for $135 million. However, the Miami Heat signed a general release on November 12, 2022 putting the FTX deal on hold. They said the reports about Sam Bankman-Fried’s shady ways and FTX were “extremely disappointing”. Hence, it is the home of the Miami Heat obligated to change the name In the near future.

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2) Washington Wizards

In addition, FTX has sponsorship deals with several Washington sports teams. Including magicians, capitals and mystics. I left this move FTX Set foot in the political center of the United States. Now the Washington Wizards have suspended their FTX deal with immediate effect, which only took off less than a year ago.

3) Major League Baseball

FTX even struck a five-year deal with Major League Baseball to include an FTX logo patch on each of the umpires’ jerseys. MLB Association representatives say “it’s probably a very good bet” to remove the patch logo for the upcoming season.

FTX has invested the most in star player Shohei Ohtani of the LA Angels. Ohtani’s deal included stakes in collapsed FTX. With FTX entering bankruptcy, equity stakes will likely drop to pennies on the dollar. Furthermore it , There is Tom Bradyand Steve Curry, tennis superstar Naomi Osaka, and legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. All of these athletes have allocated shares in recently signed FTX merchandising deals.

on the flip side

  • Despite being criticized for spending massive amounts of money on merchandising sports deals, FTX is not alone.
  • Crypto.com also has an NBA arena named after it. Moreover, Crypto.com is the official sponsor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

Why should you bother

The FTX fiasco wiped out $2 billion when the company’s FTX (FTT) token fell to pieces. The infection created by the SBF’s reckless decisions is likely to spread even further. Many of the celebrities involved in FTX are trying to save face.

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