Game Keys and Prediction for the Monday Night Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans Match

For Shawn McDermott and the rest of the members buffalo billsthe company’s line this week was that Tennessee Titans They are nothing more than the next team on the schedule.

But for the rest of us who care about Bill and know their recent history with the Titans, that’s not the case at all. The giants were the thorn in the side, the fly in the ointment, the ant in the picnic – pick whatever you like – almost every time they played Buffalo dating back to the Horror miracle music city.

Look at the last two games, both at prime times in Nashville. In 2020, thanks to the COVID outbreak in the Titans locker room, the game has been delayed by several days, and the Titans haven’t played at all, but somehow superior crush bills team 42-16.

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This was related to the most lopsided loss the bills suffered from midway through 2018, Josh AllenThe junior season, which also happened to be the only season the Bills missed the playoffs in the McDermott era.

Then last year, Allen slipped close to the goal line in a fourth heading game that enabled Titans to cling to victory 34-31Crazy result.

“They’re just as strong as everyone else,” Allen said. “They’ve been causing us problems for the past two years, and we all know what happened last week (the loss to the Giants). They will be a motivated team coming to our stadium on Monday night, so we have to be prepared for that.”

Ever since the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, the Bills β€” reckoning the Music City prodigy β€” have gone 4-9 against the franchise. Three of the wins came in a row – 2015 under Rex Ryan, and 2018 and 2019 under McDermott – but in all three bills, the Bills scored 14 points or less. In other words, they were slogans that could have gone either way.

McDermott said: β€œIt’s a game of inches, that’s what this game is and you have to expect a close match every week and that’s what we expect this week. They are a good football team, ranked number one in the AFC last year.”

But they’re a team the Bills should be drumming up to on Monday night.

Here are the keys to the game, followed by my prediction:

1. Stopping Derek Henry should be Priority #1

Derek Henry has been a huge problem for the Bales defense for the past couple of years.

Derek Henry has been a huge problem for the Bales defense for the past couple of years.

Yes, I know, Captain is clear, right? Well, it was the same priority in 2020 and 2021, and the bill couldn’t derail the locomotive. It’s getting all too familiar, with giant-sized titans smashing Buffalo’s defense en route to the end zone, a place he’s reached five times combined in the 2020 and 2021 games against the Bills.

The Bills can’t let Henry do that to them again because the Giants rely more on Henry because they no longer have WR star AJ Brown to balance things out. Henry can’t be allowed into a gully where he takes over the game, and McDermott will deal on Complete overhaul of the defensive line to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Last year, the Giants’ attacking streak – which included starters Roger Savold and David Kissenberry who now play for the Bills – were able to control the middle of the D-Lines streak that also allowed them to break out on Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milan. . Milan played all 53 defensive shots and only had two tackles.

But last year Bills Harrison Phillips, Justin Zimmer and Star Lottoli joined forces with Ed Oliver in tackle points. Now, they have Oliver along with free agent signed DTs DaQuan Jones, Tim Settle and Jordan Phillips which is a notable upgrade across the front. The only thing to watch is that Oliver (ankle) and Settle (calf) haven’t trained all week, and now it’s possible that neither will play. The Bills have three DTs in the coaching squad – CJ Brewer, Brandin Bryant and Prince Emili. Maybe they can call in Bryant, and move Chuck Lawson – who was inactive last week because he’s not one of the top four riders – inside in question.

more:Three things to know about Tim Settle, defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills

2. Passing rush buffalo bills protect youth corners?

Von Miller played a seven-sack game for the Bills defense last week against the Rams.

Von Miller played a seven-sack game for the Bills defense last week against the Rams.

Going into the season, the Bills definitely looked weak in the back corner with Dane Jackson starting on one side and the rookies Christian Benford And the Cair Elam Time sharing on the other side. But in the victory over the Rams, that wasn’t a problem because Pass Rush was very fierce, scoring seven bags and not allowing Matthew Stafford to communicate with anyone except Cooper Cope, who did most of his work from the inside.

Benford and Elam held up just fine, and Jackson made an early interception that essentially took points off the board in favor of the Rams after they started that possession at Buffalo 36 thanks to a James Cook falter.

The challenge for the youngsters on Monday won’t be nearly as difficult, especially since the Giants no longer have Brown – who killed the Bills in the past – or Julio Jones. They have former veterans Bill Robert Woods and Nick Westbrook Aiken who started last week against the Giants. Hence they had two junior WRs at Treylon Burks and Kyle Phillips who were actually more effective than Woods and Westbrook-Ikhine.

There are two ways the Titans can be productive through the air: Henry rolls and QB Ryan Tannehill can capitalize on play movement, and/or Tennessee’s offensive streak holds up against the Bills’ rush and gives the WRs time to win their tracks against the corners of the young Bills. Another injury to watch here, Jackson missed training time with a knee injury. If he can’t play, Elam and Benford will both have to start, and Cam Lewis could be the replacement.

3. Make sure you block the giants Jeffrey Simmons

Titans Jeffrey Simmons tackle a solid defense of Tennessee.

Titans Jeffrey Simmons tackle a solid defense of Tennessee.

The The Bills did a good job minimizing the damage caused by Aaron Donald last weekBut things wouldn’t be any easier against Simmons. It’s another game-shattering defensive tackle and he played a great game last week against the Giants, and a great game last year against the Bills.

Against the Rams, the Bills planned to get the ball out of Allen’s hand faster than usual to reduce the impact of the rams’ passing dash. Tennessee, who plays without Harold Landry, is still finding a way to fire New York’s Daniel Jones five times including twice by Simmons, two by Rashad Weaver and one by Bud Dupree, so the bills may need to work quickly again.

Simmons is a danger in the middle because he can win his match and get to the quarterback on his own. But when the Titans send Weaver and Dupree away from the edges, they can point their quarterback straight at Simmons. The Titans aren’t a big team because they can get heat with a four, and that’s where Allen has to be sharp with his readings because there’s going to be a lot of high school traffic with a six or seven covered.

4. Buffalo bills should mix in some runs to balance offense

The ongoing Devin Singletary and Bills game could be a major factor Monday night.

The ongoing Devin Singletary and Bills game could be a major factor Monday night.

Last week the Giants rushed for 238 yards Which was amazing because in 2021, the Titans had the first running defense in the NFL with a return of 83.5 yards per game. When the Bills played them, they managed 82 yards in 23 attempts, and 26 yards came from Allen.

Tennessee has a talented high school ensemble with CBs Christian Fulton (who might not play), Roger McCreary and Caleb Farley, as well as safety Kevin Biard and Amani Hooker, and like the Bills, Allen noted, they do a great job of concealing cover-ups. Billed with a formidable array of receivers, but allen’s contested hunt would likely be needed.

The Bills might want to try to establish a presence on Earth with Devin Singletary, Zack Moss and possibly James Cook as a way to not only get into the distance, but perhaps get the Giants to look into the backfield which might open things up. down the field. It probably won’t work because the Titans will definitely spit their nails out after the way they were plucked last week, and if it doesn’t, the Bills can always unleash Allen which is never a bad idea.

Sal’s prediction: Buffalo Bills 30, Tennessee Titans 17

Josh Allen produced 353 yards of passes and rushes last week in the win over the Rams.

Josh Allen produced 353 yards of passes and rushes last week in the win over the Rams.

The Bills could say it’s just the next game, but they want to beat this team, maybe as much as they want to beat the Chiefs a month from now, or how much they want to beat the Patriots all those years.

The Titans never worry me, and I’m not sure why given how hard Buffalo would beat them. The Titans have frustrated the Bills more than most opponents because they are only making a tough, tough game, but things should be a little different now that they’ve got it at Highmark Stadium after two back-to-back games in prime time in Nashville.

Emotions and motivation will increase and fans will definitely go crazy, but as long as the bills don’t get caught up throughout the opening Monday night hoopla, I think they can roll in this game.

Bills and Titans Team Rankings

titan billsTotal crime: 413.0 yards (7th); 359.0 (15)Burst attack: 121.0 yards (14th); 93.0 (nineteenth)pass crime: 292.0 yards (7th); 266.0 (tenth)Recorded points: 31.0 (IV); 20.0 (T17)complete defense: 243.0 yards (second); 394.0 (24)Impulse defense: 52.0 yards (1); 238.0 (32)Pass defense: 191.0 yards (8); 156.0 (fourth)Allowed points: 10.0 (T5); 21.0 (T17)

Bills and individual leaders are titans


Invoices: Josh Allen holds 10, 56 yards; Devine Singletary 8-48; Zach Moss 6-15; James 1-2.

titans: Derek Henry 21-82; Dontrell Hilliard 2-8; Ryan Tanehill 2-7.


Invoices: Josh Allen 26 of 31, 297 yards, 3 TDs, 2 interceptions.

titans: Ryan Tannehill 20 of 33, 266 yards, 2 TDs, 0 interceptions.


Invoices: Stefon Diggs 8 catches, 122 yards; Gabe Davis 4-88; Zach Moss 6-21; Jamison Crowder 3-28; Devin Singletary 2-14; Isaiah Mackenzie 2-19; Dawson Knox 1-5.

titans: Kyle Phillips 6-66; Dontrell Hilliard 3-61; Treylon Burks 3-55; Jeff Swim 3-19; Cody Hollister 1-22; Nick Westbook-Ihine 1-13; Robert Woods 1-13.

2022 Buffalo Billing Schedule

ox. 9/8 In Rams, W 10–31Monday. 9/19 against the Titans, 7:15 p.m. 9/25 at Dolphins, 1 p.m. 10/2 at Ravens, 1 p.m. 10/9 against Steelers, 1 p.m. 10/16 at 4:25 p.m. Sunday. 10/23 Week Bye 10/30 vs Packers, 8:20 PM 11/6 PM 1 PM in Airplanes. 11/13 vs. the Vikings, at 1 p.m. 11/20 vs. Brown, at 1 p.m. 11/24 12:30 p.m. 12/1 against the Patriots, 8:15 p.m. Sunday. 11/12/1 p.m. in planes. 12/18, opposite Dolphins, TBDSat. 12/24 at Beers, 1 p.m. 1/2 at 8:30 p.m. Sunday. 1/8 vs Patriots, TBD

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