Genopets unlocks a legendary laboratory: what players can expect

The Genopets team has unveiled its Recipe Search prize pool with the launch of the legendary Lab.

genes They are the in-game objects that players use, and each player can craft NFTs to upgrade or customize Genopet. This functionality has been improved with the introduction of the Legendary Lab.

Genopets Legendary Lab: What’s Inside

With an announcement from the Genopets team on Twitter on November 17, 2022, we witnessed the launch of the Legendary Lab.

The Legendary Lab is where players who have taken part in the Treasure Hunt can finish up any missing content they need.

A treasure hunt is an event in which players collect “pages” from a file recipe book To generate random items in the lab, each page is minted.

Minting costs SOL tokens in terms of fees, side by side 180 KI tokens. KI is the token that game owners can get by converting energy from steps daily.

Players are required to own all five Pages, which are NFTs that can be purchased at Magic Eden. Each of them differs in value and rarity.

When all pages are obtained, players can use the Legendary Lab at a cost of five geno tokens and five geno-type crystals, all of the same type.

The GENE token is the governance token and can be used to either collect or manufacture valuable items.

Genotype Crystals are consumables that can activate special upgrades or unlock power-ups, items, and accessories. They are used for crafting.

Genopets Legendary Lab Recipe Hunt Prize Pool Explained

All results are random, and each prize has a rarity percentage. They include:

  • Legendary Ear Zoom – 4.30% drop rate
  • Rare Wing Capacitor – 19.14% drop rate
  • Increased Rare Tail – 28.71% drop rate
  • Rare Century Capacitor – drop rate of 9.57%

Note that consumables can also drop, including Energy Boost, Adsynth Crystal, Subsynth Crystal, and Lume Crystal, all of which have a drop rate of 9.57%.

Once players have it, they can add it to their pets, getting stat bonuses or special abilities.

All Legendary augmentations have a limited supply, and the maximum supply of the Legendary Earmuff is 300.

These boosts don’t do anything at the moment; However, once combat features are introduced into Genopets, they will provide benefits.

Genopets is Move to Earn (M2E) NFT, a free-to-play (F2P) game built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. It aims to motivate players to be physically active and lead a better life.

Genopets Game Boosts provide additional functionality for each pet. Those with the lowest percentage drop rate are likely to be the most valuable due to their rarity.

This development is positive for Genpoets and other GameFi projects, as well as an indication of a healthy ecosystem, community, and development team.

more competitive Transition-to-earning (M2E) projects In the future we will likely see this and follow in their footsteps in order to stay competitive.

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