Get BirdBike e-bike with free shipping and 60% off

TL; DR: As of January 21, it was A-shaped electric bird bike(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) It’s on sale for $899 instead of $2,299 — that’s a 60% savings.

whether you He returned to the office It’s been a while, or 2023 will be the first brush you get in a bit, there are a few things you can do to make the grind a little more tolerable. that educational application Or an addictive podcast that’s a great way to pass the time, but if you really want to Enjoy your daily commute(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) You may want to consider changing your mode of transportation.

Have more fun on your way to the 9-to-5 e-bike. The BirdBike A-frame e-bike is available here at the lowest price online for a limited time: $899 with free shipping to boot, saving 60%.

Made by the team that brought shared electric scooters to the world, BirdBike’s new electric bike, BirdBike, is ready to change the way you ride. It takes the bulk of the bikes you know and love (commuter bikes, mountain bikes, electric-powered bikes) and turns them into a fast and cool ride.

Perfect for daily commutes and weekend errands, you could possibly want any excuse for that Take a ride on this e-bike(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) Once you get a taste. It comes with the throttle conveniently located on the handlebar so you can get up to speed quickly, and with a powerful 500-watt motor and a top speed of 20 MPH, you can cover some ground faster than you might expect. There’s also a built-in backlit display on the handlebar that lets you track speed, distance, pedal-assist mode, battery life, and more.

The 36V/12.8Ah removable battery is said to provide up to 50 miles of range, which we sincerely hope will cover your commute five days a week. You can choose to charge it while riding the e-bike or remove it if preferred. And if you’re worried about your investment, you can enjoy peace of mind because BirdBike is equipped with a burglar alarm that has a 120dB warning sound.

Make getting around town a pleasure BirdBike e-bike(opens in a new window)(Opens in a new tab) And take advantage of this limited-time sale, down to $899 (equivalent to $2,299) with free shipping.

Prices are subject to change.

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