Get ready for new prices in the Apple App Store

Apple limits how apps on the App Store charge for purchases, which can sometimes lead to poor currency conversions for people in some countries and other problems. This is changing now.

Apple announced changes to its App Store pricing scheme in December, allowing developers to set up to 700 different price points for apps and in-app items, with options for different currencies and regions. Now, Apple is pushing that up to 900 different price points. The new system is available not only for in-app purchases, but for subscriptions and one-time in-app purchases as well.

Changing prices in different regions has long been a common practice in storefronts like Steam or streaming services like Spotify or Netflix, with prices usually being cheaper in regions like South America than they are in the US. Someone in Argentina, for example, might not be able to afford $10 a month on a $1 monthly subscription. Apple is now giving app developers more options to make pricing more flexible in each region. Buys can now be set at every $0.10 increment up to $10, every $0.50 between $10 and $50, and so on.

App developers can already use the new pricing options, so you may see the prices of some of your favorite apps or in-app purchases change soon. Apple will automatically update pricing starting May 9th to match the new look, so people in some regions may see a small price change, even if the creator of the app doesn’t do anything.

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