Giorgio Chiellini “sad” for Harry Maguire after being brought down by Man United

Italy legend Giorgio Chiellini said he is saddened by Manchester United defender Harry Maguire as he expects a lot from him due to his 2019 transfer fee.

United boss Eric Ten Hag Maguire has been left out this season after a disastrous start to the season. He was booed from United fans during the team’s tour of Australia as well as from England fans during last season’s friendly match.

The former Sheffield United, Hull and Leicester defender has looked as though his confidence was on the ground for most of last season and this season. Now he faces an uphill battle to regain his place in united ahead of Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez, which could also have repercussions for him with regard to England just a few weeks away from the World Cup finals.

Chiellini, who played against Maguire in the Euro 2020 final, sympathizes with him.

“I am sad about Maguire’s situation because he is a good player,” said the 38-year-old, who moved to LAFC in the summer after 18 years with Juventus. times.

“They demand a lot from him. Just because they paid £80m for him, he has to be the best in the world in every game? It’s not right. Market value depends on so many aspects that you can’t control. It’s not your fault.”

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Chiellini admitted it McGuire He may not be in the same category as former United defender Rio Ferdinand, but he insisted he is still “good enough” and remains important for England.

“If you want to win the World Cup, it’s impossible to do that with some problems in the key players, and Maguire is definitely one of the key players in the team,” the Italian said.

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