Google Pixel 7a prototype on eBay for thousands


Google Pixel 7a Prototype Hero


  • There is a Google Pixel 7a prototype for sale on eBay.
  • The phone only boots into Fastboot mode and is missing its SIM tray.
  • As of publication, the winning bid is $2,550.

We expect Google To launch the next phone in the budget A series on May 10 during Google I/O 2023 keyword. However, if you can’t wait until then, you can spend a few thousand dollars on the next best thing.

I finish ebay (spotted before Steve Hammerstofer), you can bid on a Google Pixel 7a The prototype. The device turns on but goes directly into Fastboot mode instead of the Android OS. It is also missing the physical SIM tray for some reason. It is unclear how the seller picked up this prototype.

Beyond its issues, the phone looks a lot like the Google Pixel 7a models we’ve already seen. The back has a distinct prototype logo instead of the usual Google “G” symbol, and there are also some stripes covering the back panel.

Right now, bids for the prototype are $2,550, but it could be more by the time we publish this article. It’s also possible that eBay removed this auction at Google’s request, although selling prototypes of the technology isn’t expressly against eBay’s Terms of Service. Google may argue that it is stolen property, which may lead to its removal.

Regardless, if you have deep pockets and want to own a piece of Google’s illicit history, you can bid on a Google Pixel 7a model using List it on eBay.


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