Google Pixel 8 may give Video Unblur tool

Google Pixel 7 photo features

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  • The APK teardown revealed a new video denoising feature.
  • The teardown also revealed the video overlay effects.
  • Neither feature seems to be working yet.

One of its biggest selling points Pixel 7 series It was Google’s Photo Unblur feature. Now that we’re on our way to Pixel 8What new feature will the company promote for its next phone? It looks like we may have just got the answer by unpacking the APK.

Before we go any further, it is necessary to point out that unpacking the APK reveals lines of code that point to possible future features. There is no guarantee that Google will roll out these features in general.

With that said, it looks like Google is currently developing a tool that can make videos sharper and clearer, much like how the Pixel 7’s Photo Unblur feature cleans up blurry photos. according to 9to5Google, they were able to force-enable the user interface of this Video Unblur tool on their own devices. However, it seems that the feature is not working yet.

google video unblur images

Similar to how Photo Unblur is exclusive to Pixel devices, it’s likely that Google is planning to make Video Unblur exclusive as well. Although there is nothing in the code indicating that the feature is only associated with Pixel phones.

In addition to Video Unblur, overlay effects are also detected in the code. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t seem to work either, but the UI is there.

Google Images Video Effects

The user interface reveals 14 video effects that include:

  • after school
  • black and white
  • chromatic
  • straight ahead
  • vitreous
  • golden
  • moire
  • multiply
  • Polaroid
  • rainbow rays
  • reflects
  • RGB pulse
  • super 8
  • VHS

It’s probably safe to assume that these will apply filter-like effects to your video. For example, B&W will probably convert the video to black and white and Polaroid will make the video look like a Polaroid photo.

What do you think about the Pixel 8 getting the Video Unblur tool? Let us know in the comments below.

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