Google Pixel Fold and 7a leaks reveal that they may launch in June

The long-rumoured Google Pixel device may only be a few months away.

According to reports (based on retail listings) from both 9to5Google(Opens in a new tab) And WinFuture(Opens in a new tab)Google will release a pair of new devices in June: Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold. This means that the devices will be in stores in about a month Google’s annual I/O conference(Opens in a new tab), is set to start on May 10. I/O is traditionally software-focused, however last year Watch multiple device ads eg Pixel 6a phone And pixel clock.

Oddly enough, launching the Pixel 7a in June would put Google a month ahead of schedule compared to previous years. Pixel 6a hit store shelves in July last year.

However, these retail listings didn’t stop with the launch date.

We also got some other exciting information. For starters, leaks indicate that the Pixel Fold will come in a storage variant with at least 256GB of storage, with Carbon and Porcelain as color options. Meanwhile, the 7a may only come in a 128GB model with Carbon, Cotton, and Arctic Blue color options.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get exact price numbers for either device. Colors and storage aside, there’s still a lot of solid information out there about either device. Previous reports About the Pixel Fold he indicated that it would transform into a large notepad-like screen, similar to a file Samsung Galaxy Z Fold device. For 7a, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was primarily a Pixel 7 With a few minor improvements and minor concessions to keep the price down. It will follow in the footsteps of every other Pixel A-series phone.

Google I/O can’t get here soon enough for Pixel heads.

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