Google Pixels have one weakness in photography, and it’s not their camera

The camera lens for the Google Pixel 7 Pro app has been released

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The Google Phones have long stood out thanks to their unique camera experiences and great image quality. the Pixel 6 And Pixel 7 The range has upped the ante in this regard with its relatively large 50MP main camera, impressive periscope lens on the Pro models and a host of nifty camera features.

So, it goes without saying that the last pixels are among The best camera phones In the market. However, there is one notable flaw in Google’s Pixel range when it comes to the camera experience, and it has nothing to do with the phones themselves.

Where is the accessory system?

Yellow iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe Case on Moment (M) Tripod Hill with BigSofti Flash on Cold Shoe Mount

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Despite having a reputation for a first-rate camera experience, there are relatively few camera-related accessories for Pixel phones. Your choices are limited if you want to take your photography game to a higher level.

Sure, there are a couple of options like Moment (M) force states, allowing you to use MagSafe accessories on your Pixel phone. But ironically, that’s about the extent of the Pixels’ ecosystem of third-party camera accessories.

Accessory options are limited if you want to take your excellent Pixel cameras to the next level.

For what it’s worth, Google phones are also compatible with some universal accessories like cell phone mounts, detachable lenses, microphones, and a hub. However, there is a lack of pixel-specific add-ons. And it’s not like other phone manufacturers haven’t introduced their own cool accessories.

Premium photography accessories from other brands

Huawei diving bag

This is a far cry from the camera-related accessories for smartphones of the past. For example, the Nokia Lumia 1020 of 2013 and the LG G5 of 2016 both featured camera knobs. These add-ons offered a shutter button and an extra battery, while the Lumia accessory also brought a tripod and the LG add-on offered a zoom wheel.

Huawei even released diving cases for the 2018 Mate 20 Pro and later, letting you take the phone into the ocean, complete with hardware buttons for more convenient camera controls. The Chinese brand went so far as to develop laying under water The Camera app also has assign different functions to the volume keys.

Huawei, LG, Nokia, and many other brands have all introduced camera-focused accessories over the years.

Third-party brand Kraken has released global dive cases over the past few years as well, playing a similar role to Huawei’s own cases. Google also built the Dive Case Connector app that connects to Kraken cases. But at $300 to $450 and with availability limited to North America, these cases are completely inaccessible to many people. And again, these are primarily universal cases available for most phones.

We’ve also seen Essential introduce a detachable 360 ​​camera module for the ill-fated Essential phone, which captures the top of the device. Moving on, Motorola’s Moto Z series of smartphones introduced several camera related ones Moto mod Plugins. This included a 360-degree camera, a Hasselblad camera, and a Polaroid printer.

These are just a few examples of mobile makers pushing the envelope in their phone photography experience and offering an accessory to augment that by letting you shoot in more environments or create more unique shots.

We want accessories that match Google’s camera ambitions

LG G5 Cam Plus Camera Grip

Now, there is an argument that camera-related accessories run counter to the point-and-shoot nature of smartphones to begin with. We can understand this situation, because one of the main reasons smartphone photography is so popular is that you can simply pick up your phone and shoot in the blink of an eye.

Do you think the Pixel needs camera-focused accessories?

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However, there is still room for Pixel camera accessories for enthusiasts or specific situations. After all, you’ll need a protective case if you’re going to take your phone in salt water. Astrophotography also ideally requires a tripod rather than being a portable, rapid-fire experience.

Either way, we’d love to see Google and its partners release exclusive accessories to take advantage of the Pixel’s excellent cameras. A first party Google extension or addon Made for Google The third-party option will probably work better than any of the random, device-specific accessories we find these days. One could dream of a camera grip with an extra battery, a tripod, a microSD card slot, and zoom buttons. Or a gimbal that integrates perfectly with Google’s virtual camera, allowing you to switch modes and change settings on the go. Or a tripod with a detachable remote control that can operate the astro mode. But what would you like to see?

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