Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Could Get a Strange New Sensor Geek Review

Close-up of Google Pixel 8 Pro based on leaked information.
OnLeaks, Smartbreaks

Just one day after a Pixel 7a leakHere, we’ll take a first look at the Pixel 8 Pro. New offers from OnLeaks smartbreaks Showcasing some interesting changes in Google’s upcoming flagship, including a mysterious new sensor on the camera strip.

At a glance, the Pixel 8 Pro looks identical to its predecessor. But it appears to use a flat screen, and the three rear cameras are now housed in a single black dot (as opposed to two separate ones). The edges of this device look too very It’s thin, which might explain why the Pixel 8 Pro ditched the curved screen.

And of course, there’s that curious sensor under the camera’s flash. My gut tells me that this is the Depth sensor, which can enhance photography (especially the portrait mode which aims to create a sense of depth). However, it can also be a macro camera, black and white camera sensor, or fancy LiDAR sensor.

To be clear, these shows Based on Leaked info – not official photos. This is a common practice among leakers as it helps protect sources. Historically, @OnLeaks’ offerings are usually accurate, though we should treat this leak with a grain of salt. It’s a pretty early diversion, after all.

Pixel 8 Pro is expected to be launched in October 2023. Google may also launch it pixel fold This year, though we’re not sure when.

source: OnLeaks, Smartbreaks

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