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Four months after launching the highly successful ChatGPT, OpenAI is back with an upgraded language model. GPT-4 Launched today, it will soon be integrated into apps like Duolingo and Khan Academy. But there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced GPT-4.

in a new way blog postMicrosoft says its site Bing chat bot It already uses GPT-4. In fact, it was launched with GPT-4. This comes as a surprise — Microsoft previously described the Bing bot as a “more powerful” and “custom” version of GPT-3.5. (To be absolutely clear, Bing’s AI-powered chatbot is not a stripped-down version of GPT-4. The underlying GPT-4 model cannot access information after September 2021, among other differences.)

The debut of GPT-4 is actually very modest. This seems to be an incremental upgrade, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns that GPT-4 “looks much more impressive on first use than it does after spending more time with it.” Based on our experience With the Bing chatbot, I tend to agree. Like GPT-3.5, the new GPT-4 is prone to inaccuracies and hallucinations.

However, GPT-4 is still a significant advance. OpenAI claims that this new language model is “40% more likely” to produce feedback than its predecessor. Interestingly, it is 82% less likely to present “disallowed content” to a user. (But I’m a bit skeptical, like us He didn’t have much trouble Pull the initial claim and other “disallowed” content from the Bing chat bot.)

And GPT-4 is a multimedia system, which means it can work with more than just text. But this multimedia system is a bit primitive. GPT-4 can “see” images, which should be incredibly useful, but it can’t Produce Images (excluding ASCII images). Model output is still limited to the language.

I would like to reiterate that this is an incremental update. GPT-4 still lacks general intelligence and, in the words of CEO Sam Altman, “is still flawed, and it is still limited.” It’s a bad idea to overestimate or exaggerate the capabilities of this AI – language paradigms like GPT-4 are useful and interesting, but they shouldn’t be manipulated as a source of powerespecially in environments such as Bing or Google Search.

You can test GPT-4 today with ChatGPT Plus (max 100 messages every 4 hours). Or simply join Bing chat bot Early Access Program. Multimedia functions do not work at this time; It is assumed that it will be launched after GPT-4 developer event On March 14th at 4 p.m. ET.

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