Graham Potter does not know the Chelsea team better

Graham Potter has been at Chelsea for over four months now but he is still struggling to figure out which team is really his best. This increasingly.

Key figures reveal that in 15 Premier League appearances as manager, Potter has made 64 changes to his starting line-up – an average of just over four from one game to the next.

The huge number of players at his disposal, which has only increased in recent weeks, is an obvious reason for this. Chelsea brought in eight fresh faces in the summer at huge cost – the record outlay for any club in a single transfer window – with those players continuing to settle in by the time Thomas Tuchel was sacked and Potter was appointed to take over.

Seven January newcomers, the last of whom arrived less than 72 hours before Friday’s lackluster and disjointed 0-0 draw with Fulham, Potter has had to attempt 15 new players this season under enormous pressure for instant success given the standards of the past 20 years.

in summer, Chelsea Will sign Christopher Nkunku, does Malou Gusto come after initially being loaned out to Lyon, is likely to be drafted elsewhere and expected to have at least a few important departures, which will only add to the ongoing turmoil.

Admitting unfamiliarity with his post-match assessment of Fulham’s draw, Potter highlighted quite the opposite in their west London neighbours.

“[Fulham] We were together for a while. We’re in a different phase of that – players coming back from injury and new players. We needed time to sort everything out. We were missing the connection, the fluidity, and the trust that comes from knowing each other BBC Sport.

“We have to reform and become a really good team. That’s where the work is. When players are injured, they weren’t on the training pitch. We have new players with us. It’s about communicating ideas and working with the group.

“New players adjusting to a new country and a new league. It’s not obvious. When questions are asked about the price tag, that’s the nature of the business.”

Time will be crucial for Potter and Chelsea in this endeavor and it was clear from seeing them against Fulham, seeing what substitutions were made, what needed to happen.

“The front line needs improvement, the midfield needs improvement, so despite them spending £600m I looked at every department that I thought they needed to improve a lot,” Sky Sports Expert Gary Neville commented after the match. “I wasn’t that impressed. It’s going to take a lot of time for the players to settle in. It’s easy to see why because it’s very difficult to put together a team.”

Patience was something former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich lacked. But new president Todd Boyle appointed Potter and he was in charge of overseeing the massive personnel changes within the team in such a short period of time. He has to support his leg.

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