Graham Potter reveals why Chelsea’s draw with Everton was a step forward

Chelsea manager Graham Potter insists there are plenty of positives to be had after Saturday’s disappointing 2-2 home draw against Everton.

The Blues turned down a chance to head into the international break after winning four in a row, with Ellis Sims netting the visitors an equalizer in the dying embers of the match.

After Aston Villa beat Bournemouth earlier today, Chelsea They are now only in the top half of the Premier League table thanks to goal difference.

But while Potter recognized that such a disappointing ending to this game leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the overall performance was “a step forward”.

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“Being cheap with the goals we conceded is frustrating,” Potter told a news conference. “The boys are disappointed [and] Frustrated because they think they put too much into the game.

“In the end we are really frustrated because we cannot concede the goals we have scored and expect to win the game.”

“In the end we didn’t defend well enough. I think in terms of results it was a step back because we wanted to win. But in terms of performance it was a step forward because we attacked well. Feeling frustrated because we’ve dropped points.

“You have to add everton. They do what they do well. They ask you questions, but I think most of the match we controlled really well – as much as you can.”

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