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What are you up to this weekend? We will visit Our old friends In Connecticut and I’m looking forward to driving two hours. The boys and I listen to music and chat, and they sometimes open their little hearts to me, the same way they do during Playing with Play-Doh. Hope you have a good link, here are some interesting links from around the web…

love This design is a jumpsuit.

A midwestern secret to fall in love with winter: “Our attitude to the cold months is much like our attitude to most things: accept reality, then decide to appreciate it… Wonderful things happen because of freezing temperatures, precipitation, and wind, not in spite of them. Snow days require snow. Gentle mittens need hands.” Cool. My tip from the Midwest? Think of this time as its own rich, wonderful destination—instead of the season, you just have to fly your way to spring.” (Atlantic Ocean)

A cinematic spectacle full of pure joy. (via Haley)

How nice This artwork?

New American Restaurants bingo board. “We do things a little differently.”

Real easy connection. It’s peace. When you find it you’ll know… It’s like you’re standing at a door to which you finally have the keys. You enter it easily. There’s no fumbling around in your jacket pocket trying to find the right way in. There’s no desperate attempt to reach into your bag trying to detect an access point. You no longer bang your fist on the door, asking to be invited. You walk. voiceless quietly. Relief washes over you. Take off your shoes. You hang your coat in the closet. Put on a pot of coffee. Are you home. Are you home “.

Three great interviews with single couples.

This holy grail of skin care It’s 20% off this weekend.

A conversation by Gillian Branstetter With Ezra Klein was a poignant explanation of what’s at stake for trans people: “I’ve met trans people who’ve made it to their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, right? And I think it’s kind of like if you’ve lived your whole life by a waterfall and heard it roar Water-crushing your whole life, and the moment you realized you could get up and walk away you didn’t need to yell at this, all of a sudden you realize you’ve been yelling your whole life, you’ve been begging to be heard.And when a transgender person comes out any time he does in his life, It is mainly about the demand to be heard.” (NYTimes gift link)

this is the address Made me laugh.

Girlfriends open bookstores together. Inside!

Plus two comments from readers:

says “katie” What is your dream vacation: “A friend and I planned a cookbook vacation. We are both fans of Ina Garten, so we booked an Airbnb with a gorgeous kitchen and planned to bring our own Ina cookbooks, make delicious recipes and drink wine while watching her show. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, it got canceled. We both have Now are little kids, so I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, but I keep dreaming about it!”

says Emily What is your dream vacation?: “My husband and I planned a yearly vacation to coastal Maine, but our flights crashed and we had to drive. We downloaded files Mysterious audiobook It was the highlight of our trip. In part, we took turns choosing the killer and had stakes in choosing him. At night, on the beach, we shared headphones and sat on lawn chairs, while the dark surroundings added to the suspense. We stopped often to discuss the finale and saved it for our drive home.”

(Photo by Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy.)

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