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I still love the scene from Greenwich Where all of Whoville are Get ready for the holidays. It really is the most wonderful time of the year for decor lovers! Transform your space with greenery and cheery rollers.

Today I’m sharing 2022 holiday home decor and a little background on how to go about decorating this year. Enjoy!

Holiday home decor for 2022

Last year, I ended up getting a little underwhelmed by the amount of holiday home decorations I put away, so this year I’m going a little lighter. I chose two trees (instead of five last yearincluding the basement) and keep holiday items for the most used rooms in our home during this time of year.

peach room

This is where we hang out with friends and family in the winter. The patio looks amazing in the snow and the peach color is so pretty with all the greenery inside. This year, I made one tree in the corner (instead of two) and put the wreath extra high on the mantel. Lots of candles, brass accents, and velvet ribbons complete the look. I think it’s my favorite holiday decor setup by far.

green room

We watch movies and chill as a family in this room. The kids are always up for some little games while we hang out here so I wanted them to feel included in the decorating decisions. Inspired by my mom’s Village of 56, I added a Village setup on the shelf and shelved it with Concordeville Line in Terrienne (Not pictured here but more on this to come soon!). I also picked up some little dollhouse accessories (such as Santa’s bundles) and the kids loved playing with them.

For the tree, we piled on all kinds of ornaments that hold lots of happy memories but are in no way a match! The kids loved looking at them and remembering when they made some of the ornaments. They also looked at us in awe when we told them how old some of the ornaments were (“Thirty nine years like grandma! “).

What I’m most excited about this holiday season

I look forward to seeing the holidays through my children’s eyes this year. They are young enough to truly embrace magic and old enough to make memories. Most of my efforts will be around making sure I have time to spend with them! I will most likely spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing activities that involve it.

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