Honoring the winners of the Euro 2022 title in England with golden shields in local football clubs

A gold plaque has been unveiled for all 23 members of England’s Euro 2022 squad at a local club or location that was important during the early stages of their footballing journey to honor the role they played in the historic victory of the European Championships.

England were crowned European champions for the first time this summer, beating Germany 2-1 in front of a record-breaking crowd at Wembley and an event expected to change the face of women’s football in the UK.

Chloe Kelly scored an overtime win against Germany to get her name written in the history books, and was honored with a gold plaque at Windmill Park Cages as part of England’s Football and National Building Society ‘Where Greatness Makes’ campaign.

“Where I grew up, I’ve always played football in cages, and that’s what made me the player I am today,” Kelly Tell 90 minutes before the euro.

The panels have been installed at many locations across the country, from universities to local folk clubs.

Alex Greenwood Gold Palette

Alex Greenwood’s gold plaque in Liverpool / Nationwide

Euro 2022 Golden Boot winner and tournament player’s plaque can be found at Teesside University, where she studied for a degree in Sports Development while playing for Sunderland. The university is currently offering the Beth Mead Scholarship for talented female soccer players.

Beth Mead Gold Palette

Beth Mead Gold Plaque at Teesside University/Nationwide

Captain Leah Williamson’s gold plate is at the Scottish Sports and Social Club in Milton Keynes and was carried by Keira Walsh, who made the MVP final at Euro 2022 before claiming a world record move to Barcelona, ​​in her honor. In her former youth team Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

Rachel Daly's golden painting

Rachel Daley’s Gold Plaque in Harrogate / Nationwide

A Nationwide press release said the “Campaign” Where Greatness Is Made “is intended to foster mutual respect on and off the field and inspire the next generation of footballers, as part of our ongoing Mutual Respect Partnership.” The panels will serve as a constant reminder of the players’ inspiring stories and the importance of mutual respect for all.

The locations of all 23 panels can be found below:

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