Hoskinson on CoinDesk: “Everyday people should not trust the news they read”

Hoskinson talks about restoring “journalistic integrity” to the media in his video. Should the acquisition happen, the Cardano founder’s assertions and convictions of bias will be tested due to his personal association with topics of media interest such as IOG.

In his video, Hoskinson voiced his opinion on the integrated flaws found in the media, which he described as defamatory agendas, lack of verification, bias, financial influence, minority manipulation, and a general lack of “journalism integrity”.

Hoskinson further commented:

“The failure of FTX and the excesses of 2021 really have revealed a need for better journalism. It really has gotten to a point where rank and file everyday people should not trust the news that they read. It’s just simply not honest.”

He points to recent controversies to support his view of the industry, incl Secret FTX funding for news site The Block To write articles in a specific direction.

Hoskinson stated that he had heard “through the grapevine” that the price to acquire CoinDesk would be “hovering somewhere around $200 million,” a 400-fold increase from when DCG has acquired CoinDesk for $500,000 in 2016.

Hoskinson commented on CoinDesk’s reported value, saying, “At this price point, unless the financials are very exceptional, it seems overvalued.” The founder of IOG went on to say:

“I hope whoever ends up buying it - if it’s not me - reforms the institution, so it’s a bit more objective and fair.”

Charles Hoskinson’s comments on trust and fairness in journalism are reminiscent of the period leading up to it Musk’s influence on Twitter.

Elon Musk has made big statements about what’s wrong with Twitter, but he’s struggled to instigate meaningful change. Musk has prominently advocated for free speech, and he quickly became involved with it Banned users who made fun of him and many journalistsagainst community expectations due to his previous public comments.

DailyCoin hopes that no matter who takes control of CoinDesk, the values ​​of independent journalism are preserved.

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