How Draymond Green is adopting the Warriors leadership role in the second unit

Dray adopts the ‘important’ second unit role with objectives in mind appeared in the original NBC Sports Bayara

Such as the Warriors Trying to figure out a second unit formula that works, they seem to have finally found a solution for those minutes when Steph Curry isn’t on Earth.

And the its name Draymond Green.

The veteran striker, who usually plays most of his minutes alongside Carey, has helped the second unit settle over his last two games – a role he’s embracing with many goals in mind.

Green told reporters after Warriors win 124-107 Over the Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday evening at the Chase Center. “And then you try to come back from that, and sometimes it’s impossible to beat, you know? I think the importance of that is just making sure we can keep the energy level needed to win at a high level, so that’s my goal.”

The defending champion Warriors got a 9-10 start to the 2022-23 season in the NBA and are currently No. 11 in the Western Conference.

Golden State’s first and only road win of the season came against Houston Rockets On Sunday distinguished coach Steve Kerr entered the green in the second unit. In the Warriors’ victory over the Clippers, Green again anchored a moment unit that also included Jordan PaulAnd the Donte DivincenzoAnd the Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Lamb.

An explosive victory ensued, and the new energy of the second unit was evident.

Green explained that he works to enhance the second unit in two ways.

“Number one is trying to slow the unit down,” said Green. “This unit should not run as fast as the first unit. It should be more methodical. It should be more of combos. It should be more modular moves than random moves and random offense.

“…And then, secondly, and most importantly, is making sure the unit sticks out, because as a second unit, your job is not to go out there and build the lead. Your job is to maintain the lead, and in any case where the first unit fails to build a lead, Your job then is to slow down and level the game.”

Green said he tries to help the second unit play “faultless basketball” as much as possible, and his teammate Kevon Looney You see the fruits of those efforts on the ground.

“I would say a lot of guidance,” Looney said Wednesday of Green’s offering to the second unit. “…getting the guys in the right place, having another coach on the ground, directing the guard on the ground, who can orchestrate the offense, and when things get stagnant, he knows how to get the guys to go, he knows where to get the players into position, and he’s also Anchor in their defense, you guys.

“I think he’s a great piece for them when things get a bit stagnant, or the ball gets stuck, or the guys don’t know what to run. He’s a coach right there on the field.”

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As the Warriors look to get their season back on track, they appear to be, well, on the right track.

And with a leader like Greene on the ground training the second unit, those early problems certainly look like they’re on the way out.

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