How new reported 2023-24 NBA results affect Warriors spending, list


How the Warriors’ spending could be affected by the new reported CBA appeared in the original NBC Sports Bayara

Donte Divincenzo It was a revelation for the Warriors this season, and They were able to sign it Using a portion of the average taxpayer’s $6.5 million exception last summer.

But according to the terms of the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement, which ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported late Friday night, citing sources, Warriors may not have access to a mediocre exception for the taxpayer in future seasons.

Wojnarowski reports that the league wants to control the spending of certain teams, including the Warriors, so the new CBA will include another luxury tax arena — $17.5 million above the luxury tax line, per Wojnarowski — and when a team violates that limit. , they would lose the middle level taxpayer exception.

That would be a huge blow to the Warriors, who have a lot of salaries tied up Steve CurryAnd Clay ThompsonAnd Andrew WigginsAnd Jordan Paul And Draymond Greenassuming he picks his $27.6 million option for the 2023-24 NBA season.

The NBA confirmed shortly thereafter that it had reached a tentative agreement with the National Basketball Players Association for the new CBA and details would be officially revealed soon.

Bear Spottrack, Warriors More than 39 million dollars Over the luxury tax limit of $150,267,000 this season. but These numbers will go up next season. With Poole and Wiggins’ new extensions starting, the Warriors are expected to be about $49 million over the luxury tax threshold of $162 million.

So the Veterans front office has a lot of decisions to take on this unofficial action. If they choose to keep the roster together, with Green in tow, they will likely have to fill the roster with minimal veteran contracts.

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The new tax arena could also force the Warriors to separate from Green or other high-priced players on the roster.

The reaction from the Warriors players, coaches, and administrators over the next few days should be fantastic.

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