How to be more creative: 13 inspiring ideas

One of my favorite things about watching my kids play is that it reminds me of just how creative each one of them can be. We are born creative people, whether or not we have cultivated that in adulthood. At twelve, Phoebe has become fully immersed in drawing, building, and creating stories, and Henry, at ten, constantly surprises me with the connections he makes between ideas that would never have crossed my mind. adult mind. They are not interested in learning how to be more creative – instead, they embody it.

Their natural free play is in stark contrast to A mindset focused on productivity I usually. Even my free time is often spent socializing or staying put connected to the electronicsThey are rarely activities that require a lot of imagination.

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13 ways to become more creative

It got me thinking how amazing it would be if this creative spark showed up in our adult lives. Do we all have The inner artist Longing to get out? I’ve been diving into research and I’ve learned that restoring our creativity can actually be a huge factor in this Discover our passionand knowing what makes us feel alive, even To be better at our work.

Read about thirteen ways you can be more creative every day. And get ready to majorly re-inspire.

1. Draw, paint, doodle and watercolor

Growing up, my favorite thing to do when I was bored was to grab my notebook and some markers, and just draw without seeing an end goal in sight. I was creating rainbows and mermaids and solar systems — and I don’t remember feeling any pressure to make them fridge-worthy. I did it for the sheer joy of being creative! Later, I started stacking with a stack of magazines every evening. In high school, I fought the boredom of ensemble class by secretly drawing dresses in my quest to become a fashion designer.

It was so refreshing to my mind and soul to make art just for the fun of it.

The sheer act of engaging in making art of any kind triggers all kinds of connections in the brain, so don’t resist the urge to doodle during your next group chat. I used to spend time every weekend dusting off my sketchbook and spending time watercoloring with Phoebe. It was so refreshing to my mind and soul to make art just for the fun of it.

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2. Do something physical

Research has shown that physical exercise helps force you out of your brain-dominant thinking and into a more creative mindset instead. Exercise also increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which increases mental clarity. This is a great article which claims that aerobic exercise may help stimulate imagination and new ideas.

3. Embrace boredom

Think of 48 hours Detox I’ve done this from all of my devices, and I remember one of my biggest goals for experimentation was to learn how to do it Embrace boredom. You may ask why? Because research shows that being bored actually causes us to think deeply and be creative. The theory goes that a bored mind seeks stimulation, which brings it into a daydreaming state, leading to new ideas. Read more about the studies here.

Instead of filling every extra minute with productivity or scrolling through your phone, give your brain a break breathing room. Let your mind wander, and who knows — you might just have that “aha moment” that you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

4. Watch a TED talk or listen to a podcast

I often find that tuning into a powerful TED talk or listening to an interview with an amazing person is a great way to change my perspective quickly and without much effort. There are many Inspire people There is, and nothing gets me more excited about creative thinking than learning from someone who is truly innovating in their field. If you need additional information, check out our list The feel good podcast that are designed to give you an instant mood.

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5. Generate more ideas than you think you actually need

In my research, this was the single most popular thread among creative thinkers. People who are able to generate a lot of ideas (both good and not so good) are more likely to have a few great ideas hidden in the mix than those who come up with only two to begin with.

Set aside time for free writing and come up with as many ideas for a problem your brain can generate, even if they seem silly. Since creative people are the ones who generate prolific ideas, remember that they usually have more mistakes than results. As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% effort.”

6. Make time to play

Studies show that when we fully immerse ourselves in… Action What we enjoy—in other words, getting out of our heads—stimulates outside-the-box thinking and silences our inner critic. Tinker with toys, build something, get outside…and most importantly, think like a kid!

7. Journal

Carving out time in your day — even if it’s just 10 or 20 minutes — can have those creative journals jotting down in no time. Write down how you’re feeling, your goals for the day, something you’re looking forward to in the future, or just some immediate thoughts that come to mind. Examining your mind in this way and reflecting on its thoughts through physical means, such as journals, may just be the key to unlocking a more creative future.

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8. Try a new recipe

Cooking is another simple activity that gets your creative juices flowing. Try a new recipe(or a Non-prescription recipe), and let your mind wander as you follow the steps. Creativity manifests itself in many different forms, but it is cooking that always opens up my creative side. It gives you room to put your own spin on things and even leaves you rewarded for your work! the win.

9. Get out

I don’t know about you, but nothing seems to understand me out of funk Faster than some of the good old multivitamins Outdoor dinnerPrepares my mind and body for success. For me, centering is incredibly fresh air — and ultimately opens the way for a lot of creative ideas and actions. If you feel stuck, try spending some time outside.

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10. Learn a new language

Being able to converse with people from different cultures can inspire you to explore and grow in ways you could never imagine. Being able to speak to new people in their native language is a valuable skill. And the process of learning a new language can be fun too! Listening to podcasts or TV shows in the language of your choice can help you pick up new vocabulary and start making sentences of your own.

11. Take a trip

Not only does travel inspire creativity, but it also pushes you into creative situations. Sometimes travel plans don’t go accordingly, and you may have to look for new transportation, unique food to eat, or different places to stay. Personally, traveling allows me to break out of my routine and do things I wouldn’t normally do. The simple act of changing things can unlock a lot of creativity in life.

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12. Think Like a Stranger

Thinking like an outsider doesn’t mean you need to jump in road outside your comfort zone. Simply try something new or different from the same old. This might sound like eating out at a local bistro or going for a walk somewhere you’ve never explored. Taking initiative and sharing new ideas in meetings is also a great way to bring outside ideas into your work life.

13. Try a hobby

Practical hobbies always allow me to put my personal touch on everything I do. (Which is what creativity is all about, if we get technical,) Whether it’s knitting, drawing, crafting, calligraphy, or origami, any kind of hands-on hobby is a great way to expand your skill set and let the creative juices flow.

Want more inspiration?

In this video, I share my tips for designing an intentional morning routine. I hope it inspires you to calm down with yourself and connect with your inner creativity every single day.

This post was originally published on April 20, 2020, and has since been updated.

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