How to deal with anxiety: reader tips


Artistically overexposed image indicating woman suffering from anxiety: the blurred image shows her looking directly into the camera, as well as to both sides, all at once

Talk topic It inspired us to share some of our readers’ suggestions on how to deal with anxiety—including tips from this topic and comments on our previous posts about anxiety. You are probably aware of some of them, but we are sure that you will find something that you haven’t tried. (Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? We are sure that every month should be Mental Health Awareness Month…)

What are the best ways to deal with anxiety? What did you try that did not helped you?

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Readers’ suggestions on how to deal with anxiety

The usual suspects


Readers particularly recommend these activities:

  • Kickboxing
  • he ran
  • peloton
  • HIIT
  • dance
  • Yoga
  • Pilates (I recently tried this myself and really enjoyed it).

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outdoor time

  • walk (Here are our gear tips!)
  • Hiking – even while on the phone with a friend
  • Gardening (I don’t have any gardening experience, but I find weeding cathartic…)

Personal care / self care

First, here are two great lines about self-care that I’ve seen online: (1) self-care is more than bubble baths, and (2) self-care is anything you’ll thank your future self for doing. (As noted by a psychotherapist in This article is on Allure). I’ve also heard good things about this new book by Pooja Lakshmin, MD: Real Self-Care: A Transformational Program to Redefine Wellness (Crystals, cleansers, and bubble baths not included) [affiliate link].

All that said, here are some of our readers’ favorites:

mental techniques

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daily habits

Additional tips from Kate & Kat

  • Try Progressive muscle relaxation technique. It’s a simple and quick way to feel more physically relaxed.
  • groundingGrounding, also known as grounding, is making contact with the earth by placing your hands on or lying on it, swimming, etc. (There isn’t much research on this yet, and some say the benefits may be a placebo effect, but worth a try!)
  • Empty your mind: When you have a lot of ideas running around your head, get a piece of paper and write it all down. You don’t even have to organize or tackle tasks/ideas right away; Just writing them out gets them out of your brain.
  • Kat loves a meditation tool called Tripp which offer 10, 20, and 30-minute relaxation sessions. It’s available for VR, mobile, and web and offers a Free demo.

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Readers, say: What are your favorite ways to deal with anxiety? Which of those above worked for you?

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