How to Finally Find Time for What Matters with Reverse Planning


The trick is to hack time to get what’s really important to you.

I don’t know you, but I know this about you: you don’t have enough time for almost everything you want to do.

The list is long. Enjoy a romantic night. Get away for the weekend and take a walk in nature. Work out in the gym Finally in shape. Watch your kids play their first mini league game. Read the investment book and work on your financial freedom.

But you are busy morning coffeeThe day job and the evening news. You go through your usual routine day in and day out, trying to squeeze things in “somewhere.”

But somewhere it is not a time of day, nor a day of the week. At some point, you look back and realize that despite your efforts, you spent most of your time on trifles and distractions rather than the important things.

If you want to do what’s important, you have to plan backwards.

A machine that makes time

Step 1: Start with the end to define your values

Most people go about their lives without a clear plan, so they follow someone else’s plan.

The community directed them to a 9-5, two-kid, sit-down house novel.

Instead of creating the life they want, they get stuck in a frivolous routine that leads them nowhere, briefly given up by painful awakenings and empty promises.

On New Year’s Eve, they look back on their lives and bad habits, wonder where they went wrong, and vow to do better next year – only to end up in the same place again.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The best way to get to the end you want is to think for yourself.

Ask yourself: “When I die, what kind of life do I want to look at? How do I want others to remember me? How do I want to spend my time?”

In simple words, death does not spoil. When you realize that one day you will take your last breath, your excuses no longer matter. Just the harsh cold truth.

When I thought about my ending, I realized that many of the things I spent time on weren’t important at all. Who cares if I’m wearing the finest sneakers, I’m the most hardworking employee, or everyone is praising me?

Instead, I realized that I wanted the freedom to see the world, meaningful connections with a select few, and be present to consciously enjoy every moment of my life.

Whatever your ending, keep it in mind in everything you do.

At some point, you look back and realize that despite your efforts, you spent most of your time on trifles and distractions rather than the important things.

Step 2: Use Small Comakemitments to Make a Big Change

Your dreams, goals, and aspirations mean nothing if you don’t act according to them.

It’s simple – if you do not make time for them, they will turn into a dirty pile of desires, desires and desires.

For years, I wanted to improve communication with my mom. I love her and don’t want to attend her funeral – or mine – with resentment towards her. But instead of letting it become another item on my long list of things to do, I decided to cut it off from the chase.

I called her and told her about my plan to book a vacation together so we could soak up the Italian sun, eat copious amounts of pizza and pasta, and talk heart to heart. Now that we’ve booked a flight and hotel, the chances of that not happening are close to zero. No excuses, no change of opinion, no bullshit – just plan back and force myself to do what matters.

Planning ahead is trying to squeeze things out. Back planning means keeping the purpose in mind and making time for what’s important.

BA life will sort itself out.

The reason why stressing things out is so stressful and prone to failure is because it is inherently last minute. The back-planning framework takes the values ​​you identified in Step 1 and puts the things on your calendar that are important to you in the long run, force The rest of your life is flowing around them when it finally comes time to do so.

  • Put a date with your spouse on the calendar 3 weeks from now
  • Do you want to spend more time with your children in the fresh air? Pick a weekend in 8 weeks to go camping.
  • Do you have a desire to be more social? Invite your friends over to next month’s game night.
  • Want to be healthy and in good shape? Block three slots per week for exercise.
  • Do you want to have a wonderful connection with your family? Block time in 5 months for the weekend.
  • Want to be financially independent? Set a specific hour each day to work on your side hustle.

It’s simple – but most people still don’t.

nothing It will change if you keep doing it from day to day and try to squeeze things out. Instead, you need to sit down and Manufacture Time is what matters. You have to ask yourself what you need to do to get to the end you want.

Do this every week, month, and year. block time. Put it on your schedule. Then fight the teeth and nails to protect them – because issues.

it’s your choice

Simple time management Make what matters a priority.

But good intentions are nothing without action. The waves of everyday life will always try to get rid of your obligations. Keep the ending in mind, plan backwards, and stick to it.

Every day you choose the shape of your future.

would you say “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did?”

Your time is your greatest wealth – make sure you spend it on what’s important.


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