How Ukraine succeeded in counterattack on Russia in Kharkiv

In the spring and summer of 2022, the war between Ukraine and Russia came to a standstill. The first stage of the war was a rapid invasion that drew new battle lines through Ukraine; The next phase saw these battle lines strengthened and changed very little over the course of a long period of fighting. But in September, This chapter is over. For the first time in several months, Ukraine scored a major victory and They regained large lands from Russia.

Ukraine achieved this victory by taking advantage of a sudden weakness in the Russian military: the difficulty it had in maintaining its ranks of skilled soldiers, especially compared to the training and resources the Ukrainian military received from its allies. Reports indicate that the Russian army suffered heavy losses in the war and that it tried to replace those highly trained forces with large numbers of mercenaries, prisoners and men over forty. A forked attack launched by Ukraine in September.

Russia still controls a large swath of territory in southern Ukraine, including two major cities. But Ukraine’s victory outside Kharkiv signals a new chapter in the war – one in which, remarkably, Ukraine appears to have a chance of expelling the Russians altogether.

Watch the video to learn more about why this attack worked and why it’s so important.

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