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What a contract This was the year. While the prediction pieces always come with a huge asterisk because nobody knows literally anything about what might happen in the future – like Massive shocks to the large startup sectors – Our prospects have moved forward around 2022… interestingly.

Last year, Natasha Mascarenhas, Alex Wilhelm, and Anna Heim took the spotlight Three different starting theses may define the next 12 months. Now, we’re checking out how accurate those predictions are, as well as what they might change about our views. We know. Modest.

For a light holiday party, we talk about what’s happened with the M&A space, open source, and usage-based pricing. Let’s have fun!

Natasha: Let’s talk about acquisitions

Last year, I predicted that mergers and acquisitions would evolve into a riskier kind of ambition. Cited by Twitter Hunger for a Slack competitor And the Nike’s fascination with NFT collectibles. I even reminded the founders that startups need to “maintain discipline even in a cash-rich environment” rather than “developing tepid climate and web3 strategies because that’s what they think their ceiling schedule wants to hear.” (And it’s hard to integrate that culture and technology at the same time.)

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