launches, a new trading site for NFT announced the launch of the innovative NFT Marketplace, designed to be the ultimate destination for NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors.

After more than 15 months of development, NFTonPulse is ready to go live. The marketplace, now in beta on the Goerli Ethereum testnet, will soon launch on the PulseChain network, putting creators and aggregators at the forefront of the ever-growing NFT ecosystem.

The launch of NFTonPulse on PulseChain will enable lightning-fast transactions, easy NFT creation, and a streamlined platform that makes it easier for everyone to participate in the NFT market. By saying goodbye to gas fees and introducing slow monetization, NFTonPulse allows creators to create gas-free NFTs and set their own equity percentages. At the same time, collectors can easily build their own NFT collections.

To celebrate the launch of NFTonPulse, HowToPulse is offering an HTP token airdrop for early adopters of the platform. The launch of NFTonPulse is a great opportunity for NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors to experience the future of NFTs and the prospect of receiving HTP.

NFTonPulse makes it easier than ever to create and list NFT listings in seconds. Lower seigniorage means that creators can generate more income from their NFTs. The marketplace is designed to benefit both creators and collectors, with NFT creation fees paid to the HTP staking pool.

The fees generated from NFT sales on NFTonPulse go into the HTP Staking Pool, and creators can earn 100% of the market fees by placing their HTP tokens in the Staking Pool. The HTP token will serve as a utility token on the platforms and dApps built on PulseChain, furthering their vision of “more accessible decentralized applications with beliefs of financial freedom and the right to ownership.”

Since its launch in 2021, HowToPulse has attracted 250,000 visitors. The core team is working tirelessly to develop dApps for the future of Web3. As a result, the community has experienced exponential growth, with 15,000 members on social media. This drive and knowledge led to the creation of NFTonPulse.

As NFTonPulse grows, more and more creators will be able to profit from their art. The team is grateful for the support they have received thus far and excited to see what the future holds for the community with the launch of NFTonPulse.

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The HowToPulse team is dedicated to revolutionizing the NFT industry and providing best-in-class tools and services to help NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors succeed in the NFT ecosystem. With NFTonPulse, HowToPulse is leading the charge on NFT innovation and is excited to see what the future holds.

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