Hubble view of the lenticular galaxy NGC 5283


Hubble view of the lenticular galaxy NGC 5283

Image credit: NASA, ESA, A. Barth (University of California-Irvine), and M. Revalski (STScI); Processor: Gladys Cooper (NASA/Catholic University of America)

The lenticular galaxy NGC 5283 is the subject of a NASA Hubble Space Telescope image. NGC 5283 contains an active galactic nucleus, or AGN. An AGN is a very bright region in the galactic core where a supermassive black hole resides. When dust and gas fall into the black hole, the matter heats up and emits light across the electromagnetic spectrum.

NGC 5283 is a Seyfert galaxy. About 10% of galaxies are Seyfert galaxies, and they differ from other galaxies with AGNs because the galaxy itself is clearly visible. Other AGNs emit so much radiation that they fluoresce or make it impossible to observe the structure of their host galaxy.

Hubble observed this galaxy as part of a survey of a dataset on nearby AGNs, which will serve as a resource for astronomers researching the physics of AGNs, black holes, the structure of the host galaxy, and more.

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