“I feel like there is skepticism” about Mac Jones about the NFL

Brier: “I feel like there’s skepticism” about Mac Jones about the NFL appeared in the original NBC Sports Boston

MAC Jones’ The sophomore season was disappointing, to say the least.

The New England Patriots The quarterback was unable to find his rhythm during the first nine games of the campaign. He seemed like a different player than the one who was undoubtedly the most impressive QB in the class of 2021 last year.

A number of factors did not work in Jones’ favor. Most notably, he had to adjust to the Matt Patricia/Joe Judge offense after spending the 2021 season with veteran offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He also suffered a sprained ankle that saw him miss three weeks of the season, which led to a brief controversy with the quarterback with the rookie backup. Billy Zabby.

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It’s fair to say the jury is still out on Jones’ New England team, but how do people across the league view the Alabama product? MMQB member Albert Breer shared insight into what he heard about Jones from NFL executives.

“I feel there are some doubts about the midfielder,” Brier said on Thursday. 1st edition. “Last night, I asked around. I sent half a dozen executives over and said, ‘Who would be the second quarterback in the 2021 draft if I drafted them now?'” Four of them (Justin) Fields said, one said he was sticking his gun Tri Lance Because he didn’t see it enough, said another (Zack) Wilson. None of them said Mac.”

After a tumultuous rookie season, Fields hit his stride in 2022. The Chicago Bears The QB threw 12 touchdowns and rushed for six more touchdowns. He racked up 749 yards across the ground in 10 games.

Brier notes that Fields’ success and Jones’ struggles could be directly related to their surroundings.

Justin Fields He was in really bad shape last year. “All the talent we’re seeing this year, he was there last year,” Brier said. “He was in a turbulent situation where the coach was about to be fired, with several play-callers, all this chaos happening around him. Now, it’s all calmed down for him. It’s He knows who he’s connected to.They play to his strengths and we see his talent.

“I think Mack is kind of the opposite of that where he had a veteran offensive coordinator his freshman year, they didn’t ask for much of him, and he played great. Now, everything’s turned upside down for him and we’re seeing a lot of that because of the environment.”

So, how can Jones overcome those hurdles and improve during the second half of the Patriots’ season? Brier shared his opinion.

“One of the things that some of these people who’ve been evaluating him continually over the course of this year have said to me is that he doesn’t seem to trust the offense,” Brier said. “When he goes out there he catches the ball. You see a lot of it where he doesn’t seem to trust what he’s seeing, and he’s a different player than we saw last year. So I think the first thing is to get his concepts of trust, figure out what he likes and focus on that.

“The other thing that I think could get him to go, and I think we saw a little bit of him before the bye, are some of the things they’ve been doing for Billy Zabby. Easy money completions where you get yourself on second and -4 and third and 1 more consistently, or Throwing early when they don’t expect you to throw. Getting him easy yardage is another way to get him rolling.”

Heading into bye week, Pats fans are hoping Jones and the offense will be revitalized when they host New England New York Jets Sunday.

You can watch the full early release clip with Breer below:

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