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Jean Goddard, Joanna Jeremy Lucy in Paris

Jean Goddard, Joanna Jeremy Lucy in Paris

What are you up to this weekend? I visit My mom In Michigan for Mother’s Day. We’ll have a picnic and give her home too forged, which is always satisfactory. I hope you have a good idea – sending a big hug to anyone who needs one – and here are some fun links from around the web…

I wore this sexy French lipstick The other morning I got three compliments before I even drank my coffee.

Who wants a bite of this Three-ingredient chocolate cake?

You hurt my feelingsa new movie about marriage starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, looks excellent.

JR Moehringer talks about ghostwriting Memoirs of Andre Agassi and Prince Harry: “For the umpteenth time in my ghostwriting career, I reminded myself: It’s not your sexy book.” (The New Yorker, trans Kottke)

I like this Flattering pants.

Why can’t people just let me not be a mother? “Mother’s Day is for you, too,” an email subscriber told me a few years ago when I sent an article I wrote about not having kids. I explained, “Because you are a mom. You are a mother…for words! Underlying this label is the assumption that, as a woman, I am incomplete without a maternal relationship to someone or something. And this need to award honorary “mommy points” is something we still miss. (Elle)

Ha-ha-ha-ha, mothers.

These notes It is one of the best I have ever read.

This is beautiful printed swimsuits.

“Growing up, I thought being named after Connie Chung made me unique… Then I met The rest of us. (NYTimes gift link)

amazing, Colorful kitchen!

Plus three comments for readers:

says Claire What ‘blink’ have you seen lately: “I went to sound of Music Vocals A few months ago, man, you didn’t know fun until you heard 150 people chanting loudly before the high notes of “Climb Every Mountain” and then giggling knowing we were going to have the same thought. We tried the high notes anyway. It was the funniest, most awful sound I’ve ever heard in my life, and I loved it.”

Courtney says What ‘blink’ have you seen lately: “Neighbour’s peonies are in bloom! Best little sniff on the way to the bus stop. Also, when I told my four-year-old he could have ice cream in the bath last night, he said, “Well, that might be a little fun.”

says Tara What is your relationship status: “I Single mother by choiceAnd now he’s dating my one-year-old son. The best part of dating is the 20 minutes before you go, the anticipation. fear. Looking at their profile before entering directly. What’s their name again? Oh, well, Mark, and he loves to surf. I’ve dealt with more strangers in my 30s than ever before. I also cried a lot because they didn’t text back. It’s a crazy mind but it’s the most human thing to do. I’m dating someone new, it’s so new. My son bought the berries because I had spoken about how much he loved them. Went to camp with my first boyfriend who is the sweetest guy. I just feel like this is a good omen. He really loves healthy food strongly. Kimchi f*cking everywhere. Although I’m starting to like kimchi.”

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