“I’m ready to get back to just being a golfer again.”

Rory McIlroy – Rory McIlroy wants to ‘just get back to being a golfer’ after losing him – Getty Images / David Cannon

Rory McIlroy longs to “get back to being a pure golfer again”, with Paul McGinley claiming his fellow Irishman’s missing cut here in the Players Championship was because of “all the bullets” he had to take on behalf of the PGA Tour.

Thunderstorms on Friday meant McIlroy had to return on Saturday morning to complete his second round, and despite playing his remaining eight holes in one match, he still dropped at least three shots from reaching the last two rounds, his 73 leaving him tied for 98. on five above.

Obviously, the performance was not yet what he expected Finished second in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Championship on Sunday and his disappointment was more than his inability to challenge for the top prize of $4.5 million.

It was his final match start against the Masters in four weeks, as it would be his ninth attempt to complete a career grand slam. He has a lot of work to do, especially during his drive which has been uncharacteristically sloppy since the wear and tear forced him to retire his former driver.

But first he must rest. McIlroy was acting as an informal spokesperson for the radical reform of the tour introduced in response to the LIV Golf threat.

As a member of the Policy Council, he attended a seven-hour meeting last Tuesday and more than anyone — including, I must say, Commissioner Jay Monahan — has faced the press to justify the controversial changes, which beginning next season will see eight “custom events” with 70 -78 limited fields, without lots and bags of at least $20 million.

McGinley doesn’t think that was fair on World No. 3. “This isn’t Rory’s tour, it’s not Tiger’s tour, it’s not Jay Monahan’s tour,” McGinley said on The Golf Channel.

“This round is owned by the players, and if this is going to work and these new “designated events” are going to work, everyone needs to go to the back. They can’t just have one spokesperson and let him take all the bullets, everyone has to be there supporting and guiding this ship to forward.

“I may have sacrificed my time with some of these other things.”

“One of the advantages of his golf over the last 14 months has been his ability to focus. We’ve been impressed with that from a distance, with everything going on and he’s front and center. It’s absolutely incredible what he’s achieved. I just think Rory is tired and the battery is dead.” We’ve seen some clumsiness from him here and that’s a sign of your lack of focus.

McIlroy admitted his fatigue and agreed that McGinley’s comments were “fair”. “I’d like to go back to being a golfer again,” he said. “Look, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and honestly, it’s been kind of a busy six or eight months. But everything’s kind of announced now, and the wheels are turned, so you should calm down from here.”

“It’s just time management. Golf here, it’s fine, but it’s time to go home to make sure you’re getting ready, to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be ready once you get through these weeks. That’s where I might have sacrificed some time.” With some of these other things. Like I said, I’m ready to go back and just be a golfer.”

McIlroy will visit Augusta on a scouting trip next week and then compete at the WGC Match Play in Austin. “[It’s] Just making sure my game is in good shape and making sure I have all the shots for Augusta.” “So I’m going to go up there for a few days and reacquaint myself with the course. Look, I wish I didn’t have to bet on a new driver and I wish I could use the old one, but yeah, that’s what it is.

“And that’s not quite as much of a concern in Augusta as it was here. There’s a little bit more room off the tee, and in fairness I’d probably try to push the driver a little further up the fairway here than just take a few less putters and hit three woods or five woods or two offs.” iron or whatever.

But still, you don’t want a big foul in the bag. You look at the drive you hit in the 18th [that led to a closing bogey five]This road is too wide to miss. It’s things like that that I need to work on.”

McIlroy played alongside Scottie Scheffler and Jon Rahm, and the three standout players had contrasting experiences. Ram withdrew before the second round due to a stomach ailment. McIlroy missed his first cut in seven months. Scheffler went into the third round finishing seven-under second, two behind Canadian Adam Svensson.

Scheffler, the Masters champion, knows he will re-rank the world number one ranking if he finishes in the top five.

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