Ime Udoka has considered resigning as Celtics coach, according to sources

Celtics coach im Odoka is It will likely be suspended for the entire 2022–23 season for a consensual relationship with a woman on the organization’s basketball team, according to a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

ESPN was the first to report that Odoka was facing a possible suspension, while Shams Al-Sharaniyah the athlete She was the first to report the regulatory breach attributable to Odoka’s relationship with the franchise member.

With Odoka facing a possible suspension, The sources said Sports IllustratedChris Mannix The Celtics coach considered resigning from his position in the wake of breaking regulatory guidelines.

Odoka’s resignation would change the course of the organization dramatically. While Joe Matsula, a senior assistant under Odoka, is expected to be named interim coach in Odoka’s absence, there are wide-ranging ramifications over the prospect of Odoka’s resignation and exit from the organization.

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