Influential celebrities who joined the crypto club over the past year

The extensive crypto ecosystem has become the home of many A-list celebrities over the years – primarily driven by the Non-Foldable Tokens (NFT) The buzz of 2021. However, despite the prolonged bear market and the apparent drop in cryptocurrency prices, celebrities continue to support the cryptocurrency market.

Over the past year, celebrities have begun to explore sub-ecosystems outside of the NFTs, in an effort to diversify their presence across commerce, gaming and other investment avenues. In light of that, here is an overview of some of the most influential celebrities who have entered cryptocurrency over the past year and how well they are preparing for the next bull run.

Conor McGregor Partnership with Tiger.Trade

UFC star Conor McGregor, one of the highest paid athletes, recently partnered with Tiger.Trade, a crypto trading app. Part of the deal includes offering McGregor an in-game that users can play to win exclusive prizes.

Prior to signing as an ambassador for Tiger.Trade, McGregor’s crypto involvement was indirect via UFC’s partnerships with, whereby fighters were paid rewards in cryptocurrency.

The game’s recent launch, although well-received by fans for its graphics and awards, has also been criticized for its lack of story. Unlike the majority of top UFC fighters, McGregor has not linked his name to the now stalled NFT projects and still maintains a secret about his crypto investment options.

Bought Eminem Bored Ape NFT for $460,000

Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, is one of those rare celebrities who make headlines investing in NFT rather than trying to sell their collections. Fifteen-time Grammy Award winner Bored bought Ape ‘EminApe’ NFT for $460,000which depicts a gold chain necklace and khaki army hat that Eminem wears in real life.

Eminem’s connection to cryptocurrency goes back to 2018, when rapper mentioned Bitcoin (BTC) on his new album Kamikaze. However, the subsequent purchase of NFT proved his interest in crypto investments. In June 2022, Eminem released a music video titled Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT featuring the rap legend and fellow crypto enthusiast. Snoop Dogg.

While Eminem has not publicly shared his affinity for any particular crypto asset for investments, the rapper continues to do so. Collaboration with BAYC for live shows.

Maria Sharapova becomes a strategic investor in Moonpay

Tennis legend Maria Sharapova, along with other celebrities like Gal Gadot, Bruce Willis and Justin Bieber, have invested in a crypto payment solution, Moonpay. The company revealed that more than 60 public figures and celebrities in the fields of music, sports, media and entertainment They collaborated to invest $87 million in Series A financing From November 2021.

The investment marked Sharapova’s entry into the crypto world. However, the superstar is yet to reveal her plans to invest in crypto assets.

Snoop Dogg: The Face of Web3 and NFTs

Snoop Dogg stands as a true OG in the crypto world considering his proactive involvement in the space for many years. Snoop’s first interaction with the crypto community began with his warning about impersonators marketing fake Snoop Dogg and NFT tokens.

After gaining knowledge about the industry, the rapper has collaborated with various crypto projects, including cryptocurrency exchanges, Web3, gaming, and NFTs, effectively stimulating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Snoop Dogg announced the launch of a new Los Angeles restaurant inspired by BAYC NFTs, named Bored and Hungry. Despite the low hype around NFTs, the Smoke King continues to show love for the ecosystem.

Floyd Mayweather returns to cryptocurrency

Legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather celebrated his entry into the cryptocurrency world in 2018, Promoting a high-level crypto scam called Centra Tech. The legal consequences of promoting unlicensed crypto projects required Mayweather and co-promoter DJ Khaled to pay fines of $600,000 and $150,000, respectively.

Learning from his past mistakes, Mayweather launched a new NFT project Mayweverse – made up of a group of 5,000 NFTs. The boxer’s track record of participating in projects that have attracted investors has left his fans and the general public with mixed feelings about the new crypto project.

Matt Damon chooses philanthropy via crypto donations

Hollywood star Matt Damon received a $1 million donation from cryptocurrency exchange for, a clean water initiative co-founded by Damon and Gary White in 2009. As part of the deal, recommended a segment of its user base to the cause. .

Matt Damon starring in a commercial. Source: YouTube

Although Damon did not disclose his crypto investments, he did share on commercial It has attracted criticism from the majority of the crypto community. Investors retaliated against Damon’s “wealth favors the brave” proposal as the bear market led to huge losses across the industry.

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Reversing the rising trend of celebrity-backed NFT projects, consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising ( has recalled 19 celebrities who promote NFT without disclosing their association with the projects.

The non-profit consumer advocacy company has revealed its intention to investigate celebrities who promote “deceptive” crypto investments. The site mentions:

“The promoter often fails to detect a substantive connection to an authorized NFT company.”

In response to’s messages regarding the promotion of NFTs on their social media accounts without disclosing their affiliation with the projects, Justin Bieber’s legal team responded by denying any wrongdoing. However, the team confirmed the update of the posts on social media.