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GameFi is a booming industry with a stream of new ideas and new projects that even the downward trend cannot stop. Today we sat down to talk with Dmitriy Lukyan, co-founder of Game Inn – an evolving GameFi ecosystem with very ambitious goals.

Q: Hi Dmitry, nice to be here today! My first question is how did you first come up with the idea that led to the launch of Game Inn?

D: The Game Inn concept is a reflection of the needs of all parties currently within the GameFi space. As we all know, markets – in general and within the blockchain industry – follow a very similar path. The so-called “wild” stage occurs from the first days until the actual adoption is reached. It is always characterized by diversity – which means that increasing demand and interest leads to more and more products joining the market. During the next stage, the market matures, becomes more organized and regulated, and therefore more user-friendly.

Q: And then one day it becomes a monopoly…

D: Exactly, but here’s the main difference. We at Game Inn stand for product diversity as well as quality. This is why I see our product as a convenient medium that engages everyone from gamers to developers in a mutually beneficial synergy. This is what Game Inn is.

Q: Fair enough. Let’s talk more about how to perform this task. What makes your show different from others already in the GameFi scene?

D: Well, the main thing I would say is the ecosystem approach. As I mentioned earlier, our goal is to build a complex solution that targets several very specific audiences at once. Hence, the product line that makes up the ecosystem includes a wide range of features. Everyone can enjoy the benefits no matter what they intend to do – play, develop a product or even build a guild. Our transparent business development model and roadmap are just as important, as almost no product can exist without investor support.

Q: That’s right!

D: Game Inn is a well-thought-out solution that makes a kind of symbiosis through different demands, and it might seem controversial at first glance.

A good example of this is the Multipass feature, which makes a huge difference for product creators and gamers alike. From a players point of view, you can comprehensively access a long list of games while keeping all your stats and achievements in the same profile. From the developers side, Multipass provides them with a clear view of user activity, and also protects them from bot attacks.

Q: You mean you offer some kind of embedded solution that allows your platform to seamlessly introduce new GameFi products, right?

D: Yes, that’s one of the points. Multipass is a highly compatible integration tool that not only reduces development costs but also provides a great marketing boost and connects projects with their target audience. By integrating Game Inn solutions, they attract the attention of the community, which will only grow when future products are introduced to the Game Inn ecosystem. This is far from everything.

Q: It looks like a low hanging fruit to start GameFi. What does the setup process look like, and what criteria must be met before starting a GameFi project in its stride?

D: As we look to build an industry-leading platform, we conduct continuous market research to find potential gems. Every month we review at least 100 projects that have applied for collaboration. We keep the quality requirements reasonably high, and so do our players. This results in our desire to build not only a broad and diverse portfolio, but also a truly unique and captivating set of GameFi projects.

Although, strict scrutiny is not just limited to the projects you pass through. We also have a grant program, as well as sharing our experience when it comes to consulting, business model formation, testing, etc.

Q: By the way, how strong is Game Inn’s current financial base? As far as I know, you’re still running the funding round, right?

D: Yes, you are right. We successfully completed the strategic round earlier this year with a fixed cap of $750,000. Most importantly, we were able to get a great background for both funds and advisors.

We have already launched staking for GINN – the original token of Game Inn Ecosystem. Very soon it will expand its functionality with the release of the rest of the products. We are planning a public sale as well, which will be announced soon.

Q: Going back to the roadmap and product lineup – what parts are still missing from Game Inn’s large-scale launch as a product?

D: Thank you for that question, this is my favorite. The very forthcoming part consists of product deliveries from the game’s catalog, magazine, and Multipass tool, which we’ve already discussed. Later, in the first quarter of 2023, we are launching an Academy and many more cool features – Workspace and Marketplace. The latter two deserve special mention.

Q: Please do this.

D: First, Workspace is another incredibly useful tool for those GameFi projects that only enter the Game Inn ecosystem. It offers the next level of management within the guild with its customizable dashboard for managing the gaming community. It also works great for controlling the activity of rented game accounts – another option that makes Game Inn stand out among other GameFi platforms.

Q: Sounds like a new idea. Do you mean that players will be able to share their accounts with each other in exchange for some reward?

D: Yes, and we strive to make this choice as seamless and secure as other products from Game Inn. In fact, this is a great way to get the attention of the community, as one can access the ability to enjoy playing with a developer account for a reasonable fee, while others earn from the effort they put into the progress of the game.

This principle will also work with gaming NFTs as part of Marketplace functionality. Our ultimate goal is to create a multi-layered synergy between the different parties of players, guilds and developers, while providing them all with targeted benefits and a unique experience depending on what they are looking for.

I think Game Inn as a project has every chance of becoming a meeting point for all those interested in developing the GameFi industry.

Q: Dmitriy, thank you for that great talk, I hope your project succeeds in reaching all the goals you set today.

D: Thank you very much!

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