iPhone 14 troubleshooting has been put to the test (crash) by YouTubers

apple I sincerely hope you never have to use the new iPhone 14 . line collision detection feature, but these YouTubers couldn’t resist (crash) testing it.

Youtube Channel Crux She got into some junk cars, got out into a field, and started crashing away – in a safe, controlled environment, of course, as the video quickly indicates.

TechRax has outfitted an old pale blue sedan with a remote control, so they can control the car without directing anyone in the driver’s seat and attaching it iPhone 14 Pro to the driver’s headrest. Then they hit the gas in the direction of a pile of unwanted cars.

After a few seconds of delay, the iPhone 14 showed a screen that said: “Looks like you’ve had an accident, iPhone will fire Emergency SOS if you don’t respond.” After a few more seconds, the iPhone enters Emergency SOS mode, which sets off an alarm and starts a 10-second countdown to an emergency call, unless the fault detection feature is cancelled.

Fault detection is enabled on iPhone 14

Kind of relieved to see that it works.
Credit: TechRax/Apple

To make sure the test was conclusive, TechRax simulated a secondly A car collision that deployed the airbags this time and the front of the car collapsed. Once again, the emergency SOS feature is turned on.

So there you have it – crash detection works. But you don’t get any ideas. TechRax did it You are No need for that.

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