Is Mac Jones still “the guy”? That’s what Rob Ninkovich thinks

Is Mac Jones still “the guy”? That’s what Rob Ninkovich thinks Originally appeared NBC Sports Boston

Is it too early to worry about it New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones‘ development?

After a promising junior campaign, Jones has yet to show he’s advanced into his sophomore year. He was thrown for 465 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions during the first two weeks of the 2022 season. The Patriots’ offensive totaled 24 points.

Perry’s Mailbag: Is Concern About McJones Justified Entering Week Three?

Sure, it’s only week three, but Jones is under the microscope in the increasingly competitive East Asia. MVP . filter Josh Allen and the buffalo bills She’s a Super Bowl favourite, and Miami Dolphin surrounded Tua Tagoviloa — who had 469 passing yards and six TDs on Sunday — with guns. Jones needs to take the next step if the Patriots are to reach the playoffs and make the run in a loaded conference.

It’s fair to worry about Jones, but former Patriots midfielder Rob Ninkovic isn’t about to panic. Join Phil Perry on a new episode of the Next Pats Podcast to explain why he continues to believe Jones can be the future of the franchise.

Next Bates podcast: Is Mac Jones slipping? Relax. | Listen and F.alow | Watch on YouTube

“I think he’s still the guy,” said Ninkovic. “I kind of take everything I watch with caution bearing in mind that I don’t know if they’d necessarily put him in a great position in this off season. You have to understand, when you go from Josh McDaniels to a new staff or style, you have my Mate B (Matt Patricia), Joe Judge, Bill BelichickThese three men are most likely making the rounds trying to implement a different offensive system. New scheme, new terminology, new protection. All the things that should play the role of a quarterback in everything that happens. You have to know what’s coming, you have to know what’s next.

“I don’t think they’re there yet. I don’t think they are there in the sense that they are on the same page. Because really what a midfielder has to do, they have to be on the same page and wavelength from the OC (Offensive Coordinator). I saw that with Tom Brady) and josh. You see it all over the league with coordinators and midfielders, but that takes time. You can’t do it like, “Boom, we have chemistry.” They’re building that now, and they’re recovering with each other. I really think you should give them a little time.”

Ninkovich believes that instead of comparing Jones to elite QBs across the league, we should focus on the encouraging characteristics that the first player in 2021 brings to the table.

“He’s still very young and trying new things,” Ninkovic said. “Arm precision is there. Intelligence is there. So it has all those intangibles. I think what people don’t see is, turn on the eagles, turn on the bills, turn on the crows, turn on some of those psychics that are very electric and dynamic with running and moving in the pocket and throwing a laser beam At 75 yards it makes you fascinated by that and that’s what you want. But that’s not necessarily what you need right now.

“You have Mac Jones, a capable and intelligent midfielder who can put your team in a position to win football matches. Would I like to see more pressure on the pitches? Sure, why not. But at the same time, I still like what I see and the way he carries himself.” “.

Also in the new episode: Thumbs up or decline on regional purchase orders? How can the Patriots defense stop Lamar Jackson? And what are the building blocks needed to make Mac Jones a more confident player?

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